• The Zaini Promise To You!

    The Zaini Promise To You!

      Here at Zaini, customer satisfaction is at the fore front of our minds and we wanted to remind you all how we ensure to give you the best customer satisfaction. We launched our ‘Zaini’s Promise’ this year to provide you with brilliantly designed and made products at affordable prices while being conscious of our wonderful environment. All our beanies now come packaged in...
  • Riding Hat Covers: A Buying Guide

    Riding Hat Covers: A Buying Guide

      If you love being in nature and playing outdoor sports, you know how important your safety and protection equipment is. But just because something is useful and necessary, it does not mean that it has to be boring or ugly! Colourful, comfortable, and warm riding hat covers are perfect for your horse riding hat or skiing skull cap - because we know that...
  • Hand Warmers: A Buying Guide

    Hand Warmers: A Buying Guide

      Now that winter is fast approaching, hand warmers are hot on many people’s minds. They’re ideal for keeping your hands warm during cold weather, particularly when you’re out driving or doing the school run. But hand warmers do have their downsides too. In this article we’ll look at some of the main questions related to hand warmers UK and also some alternatives that...
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