January 11, 2021


Riding Hat Covers: A Buying Guide


If you love being in nature and playing outdoor sports, you know how important your safety and protection equipment is. But just because something is useful and necessary, it does not mean that it has to be boring or ugly! Colourful, comfortable, and warm riding hat covers are perfect for your horse riding hat or skiing skull cap - because we know that you want to look your best on your horse or sliding down a French piste!


Finding the perfect riding hat cover for your needs is not always easy. So, we have created a quick guide to help you complete your outfit in no time. Check out the tips below!

What Are Riding Hat Covers?


riding hat covers


Riding hat covers are comfortable hats designed to be worn on top of your horse riding hat, cycling helmet, or skiing skull cap. Indeed, often these pieces of safety equipment come in dull, boring colours that will make you look like anybody else when on the piste or track. And, if you have opted for basic models, you might also find them not so fashionable. 

However, whatever your favourite sport is, you are bound to spend endless hours out there, playing, practising, and enjoying time outdoors. And, since you will be spending such a great amount of time on the field, you should look at your best!


skull cap riding hat covers


Riding hat covers or skiing helmet covers are colourful, fashionable, and extremely comfortable. So, you can wear them on top of your cap or helmet and enjoy their warmth. 

Aside from the fun part, riding hat covers, thanks to their bright colours and patterns, are also very useful if you are trying to make yourself more visible when out in nature. Indeed, when riding, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, you might be running several risks. Others might get in your way, or incidents can happen. In any way, being visible can help you be much safer and enjoy your time outdoors. 

When to Use Riding Hat Covers?

Riding hat covers can be used during your horse riding training or when you are planning a day out with friends. Some of the best ways to use riding hat covers include:

When you organize a skiing or cycling party, they can help you make yourself and the other members of your party visible.


During horse riding training, they can make wearing a helmet more fun. 


When teaching a group of kids, differently-coloured hats can help you recognize them


Hat covers should always be part of your little ones’ sports gear!


Why Use Horse Riding Hat Covers?

Horse riding hat covers are nothing new. If you have been in the crowd at a horse race, you have probably used the colours on their hat to identify them from a distance. However, even if you are not quite there yet, you can still add a splash of colour to your gear with a horse riding hat cover. 

By picking the right cover, you can make sure it matches your riding colours to create the perfect uniform. Unlike the classic lycra caps, for training, you might decide to pick a cover that is warmer, more fun to wear, and more fashionable - so why not add pom-poms?!

Riding Hat Covers: What Are Your Options?

Picking the right riding hat cover for your needs is not always easy. Indeed, they come in a variety of colours, materials, and styles. However, they all have the function of making you be more visible while riding your horse and make wearing safety equipment more fun. If you ride professionally, riding hat covers are often part of the uniform, so the audience always knows where you are. 

A Waterproof Riding Hat Cover to Enjoy Riding All Year Round

A waterproof riding hat cover is ideal if you often ride in the UK. Indeed, here, the days of clear skies and undisturbed sunshine are not many, but the rain or constant drizzle should not stop you from mounting your horse. Choosing a waterproof cover for your riding skull cap can help you stay dry and protect any high-quality piece of safety equipment underneath, such as a valuable riding skull cap.

A Fleece Riding Hat Cover for the Winter Months

If not even the winter season can stop you from riding every day, a fleece riding hat cover is all you need to stay warmer during a frosty morning. Fleece riding hat covers are the perfect additions to your winter riding equipment. Some models also boast an integrated face and hat cover. So, you can shield and protect your face, neck, and head from the cold and enjoy an even longer ride. 

Riding Hat Covers with Pom-Poms for Extra Fun

If you are just looking for a fashionable or fun addition to your otherwise serious uniform, a riding hat cover with pom-poms is all you need. You can find waterproof and fleece covers that boast pom-poms, so you don’t have to compromise between comfort and fashion. 

What to Look for in a Riding Hat Cover

Essentially, when picking the perfect skull cap or riding hat cover, you will just need to make sure that it fits outdoor conditions and your preferences. 

The three aspects to keep in mind are:

    • Colour and Details - you will want your riding hat cover to make you extra visible while on the piste on the riding track.

    • Material - depending on outdoor conditions, you might need a waterproof hat cover or one that can envelop your face, neck, and top of your shoulders.

  • Size And Fit - it is important for your riding hat cover to be snug and tight around your skull cap. Indeed, you don’t want to lose it or see it slide in front of your face while on horseback!

About Zaini Riding Hat Covers

If you have been checking out the classic riding hat covers, you know that there is not much on the market aside from standard lycra covers. 

That is why here at Zaini we have created a unique range of covers that will fit the needs and preferences of any riders or skiers. We have designed them keeping in mind that visibility, comfort, and warmth are paramount, but a touch of fashion can’t hurt!


So come join the Zaini family today and check out our range of Riding Hat Covers as well as our awesome range of Beanie and Booble Hats!

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November 26, 2020


Hand Warmers: A Buying Guide


hand warmers uk

Now that winter is fast approaching, hand warmers are hot on many people’s minds. They’re ideal for keeping your hands warm during cold weather, particularly when you’re out driving or doing the school run.

But hand warmers do have their downsides too. In this article we’ll look at some of the main questions related to hand warmers UK and also some alternatives that solve the biggest issue with hand warmers.

How do Hand Warmers Work?

Hand warmers work in different ways depending on their main ingredients. That said, they all use the same basic principle of an exothermic reaction.

An exothermic reaction is one that produces heat as part of the reaction process. Several chemicals mix together and the heat produced can last for up to 10 hours.

Disposable hand warmers generally use iron as their main ingredient. As the iron oxidizes (rusts) it produces heat. Salt is added to speed up this process, and they contain ingredients such as activated carbon and cellulose to retain the heat.

But the main downside of this is that disposable hand warmers are very wasteful. Once they’ve been activated they can never be used again.

How do Reusable Hand Warmers Work?


reusable hand warmers

A good alternative is to use reusable hand warmers. These also rely on an exothermic reaction but can be reset after use.

Reusable hand warmers are often known as ski hand warmers for obvious reasons.

They contain a chemical called sodium acetate, which is supersaturated. This means the solution is heated to a high temperature to dissolve more of the chemical.

Reusable hand warmers contain a metal strip that acts as a crystallization site for the sodium acetate. You bend the strip and crystals begin to form quickly, which produces heat as a waste product.

How to Reset Hand Warmers

As mentioned, reusable hand warmers can be reset quite easily. To do this, you simply boil them in a pan of water for 5-10 minutes, which dissolves the sodium acetate crystals.

Being able to reuse them in this way reduces the waste problem associated with disposable hand warmers.

How to Reuse Hand Warmers

Other than the method mentioned above, another option for a reusable model is the electric hand warmer.

These contain a battery-powered heating element that can last for up to 6 hours. This is possibly the best way to reuse hand warmers because you can simply recharge them when necessary.

Older models of electric hand warmers used disposable batteries, but these have been replaced by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, like the one in your phone.

Electric hand warmers can heat up to 48 degrees C and have around 500 recharges before they die.

How to use Hand Warmers?


how to use hand warmers

Regardless of whether you’ve bought an electric, disposable, or reusable hand warmer, the process of using them is pretty much the same.



For disposable or reusable models, crack them or press the activation button. For electric hand warmers, simply turn them on.

They can take up to 30 minutes to reach full heat, but the best hand warmers heat up in around 10 minutes.

Never put them in direct contact with your skin; they get too hot.

Instead, place them inside hand warmer gloves or in your shoes when wearing socks.

Hand warmers can last up to 10 hours, but you’ll typically get 2-4 hours from most models.

As with your own hand warmers, it’s best not to put a pram hand warmer in direct contact with your baby. Either put it under the pram’s seat or wrapped in a blanket on their lap. Babies are much more sensitive, so take extra precautions.

Once the hand warmer has stopped working, you either need to throw it away or reset it depending on the model.

Can you use toe warmers as hand warmers?

Toe warmers are exactly the same principle as hand warmers; they’re just shaped differently.

Hand warmers are usually fatter and rounder, while toe warmers are long and flat so they fit in your shoes more easily.

In short, you can use toe warmers as hand warmers, and you might find they fit in your gloves better.

Toe warmers produce the same level of heat and work using exothermic reactions. Other than the shape, the other main difference is that you likely won’t find electric toe warmers.

How do hand warmer packs work?

Hand warmer packs work in exactly the same way: they use exothermic reactions to heat the pack, which you can store inside your gloves.

You’ll usually find kids hand warmers as packs, and they’ll often have designs on them that are appealing to kids. Other than that, they’re exactly the same as normal hand warmers.

Hand Warmer Gloves: An alternative to hand warmers


hand warmer gloves

While hand warmers are useful, they’re not particularly environmentally friendly. Even reusable hand warmers have a limited lifespan. So if you’re looking for the best hand warmers UK, we have a good solution for you.

Try Zaini hand warmers instead. Rather than packs that produce an exothermic reaction, they’re convenient hand warmer gloves.

They’re fleece lined gloves that are entirely missing the fingers. This means they do a great job of keeping your hands warm but still give you full control over what you’re doing!

They make great kids hand warmers because kids can still do everything they love without limited movement. Also, there’s no danger of burning yourself because they don’t contain any chemicals.

Zaini make a wide range of cute hand warmers suitable for everyone in the family. There are kids and adult versions for hands of all sizes.

What’s more, they’re better than reusable hand warmers because you don’t have to wait for the reaction to kick in. You simply put them on to enjoy warm hands straight away.

The fleece lining is great for insulating heat and they’re machine washable, meaning they’ll last forever and will always look great.

So if you’re looking for a good alternative to hand warmers UK, try a pair of Zaini hand warmer gloves. There are even matching scarves and hats!

Pick up a pair today and keep your hands warm throughout winter!


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September 29, 2020


Children’s Winter Hats: Cuteness Overload

Kids Winter Hats

cool winter hats for kids


Winter is just around the corner. If you have started taking the winter gear out of storage, you may have noticed that your kiddos have grown out of last season’s winter gear. I guess it’s time to go shopping for kid’s winter hats, scarves, and gloves - oh my!

No need to worry - this post is jam packed with all sorts of fun, cute, and cool winter hats for kids. Picky kids are welcome here, as we’ll showcase a diverse range of styles so you’re bound to find the right hat for your child. Read on to learn about what options are available this year to find the perfect kids winter hat.

Cool Winter Hats for Kids

Winter hats serve a function, of course, but it never hurts to have a cool winter hat when waiting on the school bus or hanging out at recess.

This Junior Tomahawk hat is an understated cool look. It’s a mini version of the adult Tomahawk beanie hat from BBCO featuring a half fleece lining that keeps you warm while still being breathable. The hat features a cool patch on its side designed to represent the great outdoors (even if it’s only worn to your local park). It’s also only one size, so it’s made to last more than one season.

The Fidra Children’s Beanie Bobble Hat from Zaini features varying coloured stripes of blue, aqua, and white. Your child is sure to stand out on the playground wearing this vibrantly coloured hat that also includes a blue pom pom on top!

What’s cooler than outer space? This Arctic Cub: Space Bunny trapper cap features a bright blue lining alongside a unique purple outer space print. Sizes range from newborn all the way up to 12 years, ensuring a snug and cozy fit.

Fun Winter Hats For Kids

cute winter hats kids

There are so many great parts about being a kid, and having fun clothing and accessories is definitely one of those things!

This Zaini Rainbow Beanie Bobble Hat is a limited edition design featuring rainbow stripes and loads of colourful fun! This beanie has a cause too - all profits go to NHS workers directly - so you can enjoy a fun hat for your kiddo all while supporting a good cause.

This Arctic Cub Hat is a modern take on the classic winter trapper hat style, featuring water-resistant fabric and a fun panda pattern.

Winter Hats for Boys

If you’re looking for a winter hat for boys, Zaini has many gender-neutral options sure to suit any little boy looking for a warm and fun winter hat. The Ullapool Kids Beanie Bobble Hat features contrasting dark blue and green stripes topped with a dark blue pom pom. The Ramsey Kids Beanie Bobble Hat is a similar look, but with purple instead of green stripes. These handmade hats come in a medium, designed for 2-5 year-old boys, or a large, designed for boys six and up.

Welcoming a newborn boy? The Lachalsh Baby Beanie Bobble Hat is handmade for newborns with a purple and dark grey stripe pattern and a playful purple pom pom.

This Arctic Cub: Moose Wave boy’s hat features faux fur and a playful moose pattern.

Winter Hats for Girls

Do you have a girly girl? The Yair Toddler Beanie Bobble Hat from Zaini features a bright pink and pastel green stripe design and is made to fit toddlers from 1-2 years old. For newborns, the Sheil Baby Beanie Bobble Hat features baby pink and lime green stripes with a cute pink pom pom, and is fully fleece lined to ensure comfort and warmth for your little one. 

If pink is her favorite color, the Gavin Beanie Bobble Hat fits girls one and up. Its bright pink color is cute and guaranteed to keep her warm with its full fleece lining and super soft acrylic yarn.

The Tomahawk Junior in Red is a nice vibrant yet understated color perfect for outdoor adventures. 

About Zaini

Zaini is a UK brand with roots in Switzerland. Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper was working at a ski resort in Switzerland and was determined to find a comfy, colourful, and stylish beanie that could work while skiing. She had no luck finding the best ski beanie. She decided to make her own using a crochet hook, and suddenly they were in high demand! 

She returned to her small village in the highlands of Scotland, where beanies are often a year round fashion, and began making hats by hand with her crochet hook in a wide array of colours. Miranda had to enlist the help of her skilled grandmother, until the demand for Zaini required even more hands on deck...or should we say on hook!

Ten years later, Zaini now has over 200 designers with customers from over 50 different companies. All Zaini hats are made of 100% super soft acrylic yarn that isn’t itchy and gives a cashmere feel while still being durable enough for outdoor activities. Zaini has multiple types of beanies available for skiing, horseback riding, or simply staying warm in the winter.

Our Favorite Children’s Winter Hats From Zaini

Zaini has an array of options for kids, from newborn up to twelve years old! While they are all handmade, they are designed to be durable enough to wear during rigorous outdoor activities, which means these winter hats are a solid investment for your child.

We love the simple look of this solid purple beanie, the Grant. This same style is also available in green, blue, red, navy, and pink.

If your child is not afraid of a little colour, the Ramsey Kids Beanie Bobble Hat is sure to please with its dark blue and purple stripes and dark blue pom pom. If bright colours are more their thing, they are sure to love the Tiree Kids Beanie Bobble Hat in bright pink and orange.

Did we mention all of Zaini’s handmade kids winter hats are totally washable and ship for free? Shop all of Zaini’s kids winter hats here.

September 29, 2020


Your Guide to the Best Ski Beanies

Essential Ski Gear You May Not Be Thinking About


cool ski beanies

Ready to hit the slopes? We know you’re excited to feel the crisp air as you breeze down the mountain on your skis. Or maybe you’re more excited to curl up by the fire in the lodge with a good book and a warm and toasty drink? Either way, we’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help!

Amidst the excitement, it can be easy to forget about all of the things you need to have to enjoy a full day of skiing (or chilling in the lodge). We know you have the obvious items on your list already -- skis, ski poles, ski boots, a good jacket, gloves, and a helmet -- but considering the fact that you lose half of your body heat through your head, you’re going to need much more than a helmet to stay warm while skiing.

A quality hat is a key item to have on your ski gear list to regulate your body temperature so you can stay warm while skiing. While style isn’t essential, a stylish hat never hurts! Read on to learn about the best ski beanies to find the right one for you before you make your way to your favorite ski resort.


Beanies vs. Other Hat Options


Beanies are a great option while skiing because they often provide more coverage compared to other winter hats. They’re also pretty casual, so you can wear them on the slopes or to the pub after a long day of skiing.

Knit beanies are also super cozy, making it a great option to regulate your body temperature while outside skiing, or while taking a break in the lodge sipping on your favorite warm drink of choice.


Best Mens Ski Beanies


On a crowded slope, it’s always nice to see your friends while staying warm and stylish. This Nightlight Skull Cap from Zaini features vibrant green and purple stripes. Style aside, its handmade to fit on top of your ski helmet, which ensures the utmost comfort and warmth while still protecting your head while skiing. One customer said, “These are fabulous while skiing - can spot people a mile away!” 

If vibrant colours aren’t your thing, this Eco Essentials Beanie in Khaki Green may be more your thing. Unlike Zaini’s Skull Caps, this beanie is best fit under your helmet. Always ensure that your helmet still fits properly with a hat underneath - safety first!

Another great option is this chunky wool Sailor’s Watch Cap in a classy navy. You’ll blend in on the slopes with this hat fitted tightly under your helmet, but the pure wool will keep you nice and toasty.

The Gigha Beanie Bobble Hat from Zaini is a nice slouchy option in blue and grey. Again, unlike the skull cap style, this hat will likely work best under your helmet, but the slouchy style may also work on top of your helmet too!


Best Womens Ski Beanies


Our favorite ski beanie for women is the Spartan Skull Cap / Skiing Helmet Cover from Zaini. Featuring vibrant pink and green stripes, it’s easy to spot on the slopes and fits nicely and safely over most skiing helmets.

This Elan Beanie won’t fit on top of your helmet, but it’s super chunky and warm, featuring some vibrant stripes and a faux leather patch logo on its side. 

For a more luxe option, this pure cashmere beanie comes in several colours and is perfect for the slopes or the city. You can wear it with the cuff up or fold it down if you need to keep your ears warm.


About Zaini

best ski beanies


Zaini is a UK brand with roots in Switzerland. Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper was working at a ski resort in Switzerland and was determined to find a comfy, colourful, and stylish beanie that could work while skiing. She had no luck finding the best ski beanie. She decided to make her own using a crochet hook, and suddenly they were in high demand! 

She returned to her small village in the highlands of Scotland, where beanies are often a year round fashion, and began making hats by hand with her crochet hook in a wide array of colours. Miranda had to enlist the help of her skilled grandmother, until the demand for Zaini required even more hands on deck...or should we say on hook!

Ten years later, Zaini now has over 200 designers with customers from over 50 different companies. All Zaini hats are made of 100% super soft acrylic yarn that isn’t itchy and gives a cashmere feel while still being durable enough for outdoor activities. Zaini has multiple types of beanies available for skiing, horseback riding, or simply staying warm in the winter.


Zaini Ski Beanies for Men and Women


There is no better ski beanie than one made by a ski instructor herself! Zaini is dedicated to bringing you new, colourful, and unique hats. All of them are handmade with attention to detail in every way.

While Zaini’s site can be filtered by hats for men or for women, the hundreds of different styles can be worn by all genders.

As a Zaini customer and avid skier said, “I love the hats, perfect for when skiing!”

The Fara Beanie Bobble Hat features light grey, dark grey, and white chunky stripes topped with a dark grey pom pom. 

The Dunkeld Beanie Bobble Hat features a light pink contrasted with a deep blue.

The Morag Beanie Bobble Hat features green, purple, white, and pink stripes with a highlighter green pom pom to top it off.

The Frankie Skull Cap / Skiing Helmet Cover is another great option if you prefer to wear your hats on top of your helmet. It features a bright orange colour to contrast a vibrant blue, topped with a blue pom pom.

We love how the coloured stripes vary in thickness in this Oban Fleece Lined Beanie Bobble Hat, which features aqua pastel green, blue, and a calming creamy white colour.

Still seeking the perfect ski beanie before you hit the slopes? Explore all of Zaini’s ski beanies here.


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September 29, 2020


Ladies Beanie Hats: A Style Guide

Stylish Beanies for Winter

stylish beanie hats winter



Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes cold weather and shorter days. As you pull your coats, sweaters, and outdoor gear out from the back of your closet, you may realise that you could use a bit of a refresh.

Beanies are an affordable and functional way to mix up your winter wardrobe. They are great for skiing and other winter outdoor activities, but also just as great for a jaunt around town. 

With so many styles out there, it can be hard to pick just one. This style guide will go through various types of beanies to help you find the one that works well with what you already have.


Ladies Black Beanie Hats


ladies beanie hat


If you prefer to keep it neutral, a black beanie hat is probably the right choice from you.

These knit options from Zaini have that cute baggy style and are super soft. They even have some styles with a small pop of colour if you want to add a bit of brightness on a gloomy winter day. For a more fitted look, you could try this style to achieve the knit look without the bagginess.


Ladies Navy Beanie Hats


Navy beanie hats are another great neutral option. Did you know it’s okay to combine black and navy tones?

The Alec from Zaini ladies beanie hat is the perfect combination of these two neutral colours and could look super sleek paired with a puffy coat and some white trainers.

If a solid navy is more your style, then this hat is just right for you. It’s nice and simple, so it would look really sleak paired with a navy peacoat, some dressy trousers, and maybe even a heel if you’re feeling adventurous.


Ladies Grey Beanie Hats


Rounding out the neutral options are an array of grey beanie hats for ladies.

This luxe option features high quality Scottish spun cashmere in a ribbed texture. If that’s a bit too luxe for you, this beanie has a similar style for a much lower cost. The cuffed look of this beanie is a very hip style, but it won’t have the same coverage as a slouchy beanie.

For a more playful take on grey with the coverage and comfort of a slouchy beanie, this hat from Zaini features multiple tones of grey and a fun pom pom.


Pops of Colour


The great thing about beanies is that they’re just one part of a winter look, and usually way more affordable than a winter coat or winter shoes.

If you prefer to switch it up, try a beanie hat with pops of colour like this one from Zaini. All proceeds of this style go to support the NHS, so you can do something good for your community while still looking stylish all season long!

If rainbows aren't your thing, the Moffat from Zaini features just a few different colours in a striped pattern with a bright pink pom pom to top it off.


Ladies Beanie Hats with Pom Pom


Add a bit of visual interest to your winter look by trying out a ladies beanie hat with a pom pom on top.

We love the look of this beige and cream striped beanie with a beige pom pom on top. It adds some brightness while still staying neutral and would look great paired with a chunky sweater, leggings, and boots.

We love how this style is mostly black with a bright green stripe and a bright green pom pom. It would look great with a pair of high waisted mom jeans and a black bodysuit.

Another favorite is this all pink style called Bonnie (and yes, there is a Clyde style too). While we would never recommend you rob a bank in either of these hats, the Bonnie style would look super cute paired with a black shift dress, tights, and wedge booties topped with an oversized button down jacket.

The pom pom can come in many different colours and adds height and flair to your typical beanie. It’s a great look, especially when it’s worn in the popular slouchy style and paired with a cozy sweater or your go-to winter coat.


Get The Slouchy Look


Speaking of slouchy, you can achieve this winter trend through these ladies knit slouchy winter hat beanies from Zaini. The slouchy look work bests with your hair down to frame the sides of your face. Throw on a pair of sunglasses on one of those bright wintry days and you’ll look like a celebrity dodging paparazzi!


About Zaini


Zaini is a UK brand with roots in Switzerland. Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper was determined to find a comfy, colourful, and stylish beanie that could work while skiing, but had no such luck. She decided to make her own, and suddenly they were in high demand! 

She returned to her small village in the highlands of Scotland, where beanies are often a year round fashion, and began making hats by hand with her crochet hook in a wide array of colours. Miranda had to enlist the help of her skilled grandmother, until the demand for Zaini required even more hands on deck...or should we say hook!

Ten years later, Zaini now has over 200 designers with customers from over 50 different companies. All Zaini hats are made of 100% super soft acrylic yarn that isn’t itchy and gives a cashmere feel while still being durable enough for outdoor activities.


Our Favorite Zaini Ladies Beanies


All of Zaini’s beanies and bobble hats are handmade and designed in Scotland with 100% super soft acrylic yarn. Most of them are in the baggy style and feature a fun pom pom in various colours. All Zaini ladies winter hats are washable, so you can count on them throughout all of your outdoor adventures.

While we have mentioned several Zaini ladies winter hats throughout this post, but here is a roundup of some additional styles that caught our eye:

The Ratho Ladies Beanie uses pale green to contrast the bright pink pom pom.

The Balmoral Beanie Bobble Hat features blue, grey blue, and turquoise reminiscent of the winter sky or a foggy day by the sea.

The Royal Hussars Beanie Bobble Hat features the colours worn by the noteworthy cavalry regiment of the British Army.

With so many different styles, we’re sure you’ll find the right ladies beanie hat for you. Shop all of Zaini’s ladies beanie hats here.


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August 31, 2020


Toddler Style

Top Toddler Activities


Whatever adventures your toddler gets up to, you want to make sure that they are kitted out in adventure-appropriate attire.

Whether your toddler is learning to roll, crawl or take their very first steps, let’s make sure they do it in comfort and style!

Winter wardrobes don’t need to be dull and dreary.

That’s where we step in, bringing some colour and fun to a playground near you!


Can Toddlers Wear Bobble and Beanie Hats?


Yes – of course!

We have a range of bobble and beanie hats that are specifically designed for toddlers!

Our fun, bright, and bold colours are sure to keep the attention of your toddler – and we find they particularly love playing with the bobble on top of our hats!

So, we guess they double us as a toy, making them extra excellent value!

Our kids range caters to ages from new-borns all the way up to 12 years.

So, whether you are shopping for a colourful and cosy present for a new-born, or maybe a gift for your niece or nephew who are a little bit older – we’ve got the perfect beanie bobble hats for every age!


Toddler Boy Beanie and Bobble Hats


toddler beanie and bobble hats

We have an excellent selection of beanie and bobble hats for your little one.

Choose from block colours of blues, reds, greens, navies, and pinks or take a walk on the wild side with our striped selection of beanie bobble hats for an extra pop of eye-catching colour.

We have every colour of the rainbow (one of our beanies IS a rainbow!) so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect match.  


Toddler Hats for Girls


For the little lady in your life, make sure she is wrapped up warm for the winter with one of our carefully crafted beanie bobble hats.

Our new-born hats are particularly cute with beautiful pastels and bolder colour block options.


Toddler Winter Hats


toddler winter beanie and bobble hats

Winter is coming!

That means two things: cold weather, and Christmas!

Whether you want to make sure your little ones are all wrapped up in high quality, handcrafted winter wear, or you’re looking for some cute gift ideas for the grandkids, then our range of winter hats are a great place to start!

Support a small, local business and inject a pop of colour into a dreary winter’s day.

Sounds good to us!


Top Toddler Beanie Styles: Beanies, Bobbles and Beyond


Our Favourite Toddler Brands


We’ve got you covered for beanie bobble hats, scarfs, headbands, neck warmers, hand warmers and slipper socks.

We’ve even knitted you up some super riding hat covers!

But unfortunately, we can’t promise to kit out your whole winter wardrobe!

Instead, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite brands to help you sort the rest of your toddler’s winter threads.





Jacardi have the cutest winter cardigans and jumpers!

Their beautiful range will have your young one sorted, whether it’s formal wear or casual wear you are after.

The toughest decision will be which one to pair with your toddler’s beanie bobble hat!



Children Salon



We haven’t talked about footwear yet so it’s time we introduced you to Children Salon!

They have footwear for every occasion.

Winter walks, chilling at home, family get-togethers, weddings?

Their range covers each and every event!



The Little White Company



Another firm favourite of ours is The Little White Company, and they have a gorgeous range of children’s pyjamas available.

A good night’s sleep is so important for toddlers, and these super soft and luxurious pyjamas are sure to help your toddler have the soundest sleep possible.


Zaini: The Best Toddler and Kids Hats in the UK


What are Our Favourite Beanie & Bobble Hat Picks for Kids and Toddlers?



It’s hard to choose favourites from our collection, but after careful consideration we bring you three of our very best toddler beanie bobble hats.





This baby pink and lime green striped handcrafted creation is perfect for toddlers up to six months.


It guarantees maximum comfort and cosiness.  


Handcrafted with 100% super soft Acrylic yarn to banish any itch that other lower quality beanies may cause!


And did we mention that it’s fleece lined?!






This beanie is fully fleece lined too making it the perfect companion for your toddler to brave the chilly winter.


  • If you’d like a break from the stripes, or you prefer strong block colours, then our Maggie Kids Beanie Bobble Hat may make your winter dreams come true!



Your little one is sure to love the soothing forest green colour and they’ll be ready for lots of exciting outdoor adventures!


Our Maggie Beanie Bobble Hat comes in three different sizes, so it’s suitable for everyone up to the age of twelve.


At Zaini Beanies, we want to make sure you, your family, and your loved ones are kitted out in the best quality winter gear possible.

That’s why each and every one of our creations is carefully handcrafted with love right here in Scotland.

So, if you are looking for that perfect, non-itchy, super soft winter wear for you and your little one, then we can’t wait for our beanies to become a part of your winter memories!

Are you ready for a beanie experience like no other?


August 14, 2020


The Beanie Hat: Autumn Style


Autumn is coming!


The long, hot summer is drawing to a close and you know what that means? It’s time to start bundling up and thinking about your autumn style.

But there’s no need to worry about your autumn attire because, as always, we have a whole selection of items ready for you to wrap yourself up in.

We’re even throwing out some other un-beanie related but equally awesome autumn style tips here too!

Whether it’s an autumnal bobble hat, scarves, gloves, or cosy slipper socks you’re after, we’re here to help you get your autumn dressing style down with ease.

So, relax with a pumpkin spice latte and let us guide you through some of our favourite autumn style ideas!


Autumn Style Clothes/Autumn Dressing Style


Here at Zaini, we believe that being bundled up can look just as fresh and funky as any summer wardrobe.

Autumn style clothes don’t need to be dull and dreary! They can be just as beautiful as your favourite autumnal colours.

If you’re a certified Zaini-lover, then you’ll know that we are firm believers in bright, beautiful colours that pop!

After all, isn’t that what Autumn is all about?

Want to be cosy AND colourful?

Well, we’re here to help make that happen!


Autumn Style Women




autumn style women


Your autumn style should be all about looking cool and feeling cosy in lots of layers.

We’ve got you covered. And we mean totally covered.

Whether it’s beanies, headbands, handwarmers, neck warmers or slipper socks you’re after, we’ve got them all!

Our creations jazz up any autumn outfit – so all you have to do is figure out what to pair them with!

Here’s a few top picks to inspire the rest of your autumn wardrobe.


Autumn Style Men


Want to make a fresh and bold statement with your autumn wardrobe this year?

You don’t need to blend into the crowd now that you’ve met Zaini!

Let us brighten up your style and your day with our brilliant range of beanies.

Or how about a headband? A pair of slipper socks? Neck warmer for those colder days?

You want it? We’ve got it.

And for your other wardrobe pieces?

We’ve got some autumn style inspo right here!


Autumn Hair Style 


You know our beanies have you covered for those bad hair days but for those OTHER days?

How about checking out some of these autumn hair trends for 2020.

We’re particularly digging the neon look. What do you think?


Nail Styles 



If you love our bright and bold beanies, then we’re guessing you like to inject your colourful personality into the rest of your autumn look.

So, if you’ve ever worn our hand warmers before, you’ll know that one of the best things about them is that you can still flash your nail art whilst wearing them!

Why not head over to Polish Me Pretty   so you’re nails are as slick as your Zaini kit?!


Style Tips


Autumn Style: Choosing the Right Beanie Hat


What’s important to you when you’re searching for your dream beanie hat?

Carefully handcrafted? Locally made? Non-itchy? A perfect blend of comfort and style?

At Zaini, those things are all really important to us too.

We started making beanies when we saw a gap in the market for a beanie that encompassed all of those qualities.

We dove right in and started creating what is now our famous beanie collection.

Our beanies don’t disappoint, and we’ve rounded up three of our top picks for your autumn wardrobe!


Zaini’s Beanies - Top 3 for Autumn


You’ve seen all the rest, now here’s the best (beanies for Autumn!)


  • Orange is a strong staple in Autumn’s colour scheme chart.


That’s why we’ve carefully handcrafted our Colonsay Beanie Bobble Hat with a vibrant orange and purple knit.


Colonsay Beanie Bobble Hat


It’s signature baggy Zaini style will you keep feeling comfortable and cosy and looking pretty stylish too!


You might even match your pumpkin spice latte!


  • If you DON’T watch to be to matchy matchy with your pumpkin spice latte, we totally understand.


That’s why we’ve made some alternatives for you.


Just like our Archie Fleece Lined Bobble Hat.



Colonsay Beanie Bobble Hat


Knitted in blue, turquoise and pink, this one is for all our ocean lovers out there!


But it’s not just the beautiful colours you’ll love about this beanie, we’ve gone a step further to create your perfect autumnal hat that will keep you company on even the coldest winter days too.


Our Archie is fleece lined meaning maximum comfort and maximum cosiness.


You won’t want to take this one off, and when it looks AND feels that good, why would you?!


  • If kissing goodbye to summer and saying hello to autumn has you feeling blue, then why not match your feelings to your hat and bust out a blue beanie?


Our Scarba Fleece Lined Bobble Hat is beautifully blue and white striped.


Scarba Fleece Lined Bobble Hat


Stylish simplicity at its finest. And it’s also fleece lined to keep you extra cosy.


This one will definitely banish those blues you may be feeling now that summer is over.


But don’t take out word for it, hop on over to our website and check out how it’s become a staple of celebrity style! Spot any familiar faces?


So that’s our round up of all the awesome autumn trends to keep an eye out for.

Now that you’ve finished your pumpkin spice latte, why not let us know which beanie you’ll be choosing to compliment your autumn style this year?

August 14, 2020


How to Be Cool

 how to be cool


What Does Cool Mean?



Is it ‘cause I’m cool?

Want to look cool, act cool, feel cool, and actually BE cool too?

What even IS cool?

Cool can have a lot of meanings.

As a behavioural characteristic, cool can be all about how you behave.

As a state of being, it can be about your cool and composed attitude towards life.

Aesthetically and fashion wise, cool can be about what you’re wearing and how you wear it!

There are many layers and categories of cool.

So, do you fit into any of them?



The Cool Quiz



Not sure if you’re a certified cool customer? Want to find out? How about taking this quiz and seeing how you rank in the World of Cool.  

If you’re really brave, you can share it with your friends and see who’s the coolest of them all!

Want to know a little secret on how to ace this quiz?

Read our tips n’ tricks on being cool below as a way of studying before your sit the test.


How to Act Cool



Now that we’ve explained what being cool is all about, you may be wondering how the hell do you ACT cool?

Well for those who are truly cool, there is no acting involved.

Fortunately for you, we’ve dipped into some wicked wisdom from right here on The Internet and we may just have found some answers for you.

If you’d like to know the common traits of cool cats, then click here and you’ll learn everything you need to know!


How to Look Cool



how to act cool


Okay so now you’re ACTING cool, but are you LOOKING cool?

We fear the answer to this one may be no unless you’ve bought our entire in-zaini-ly cool Zaini collection!

Some people are masters of being cool, but they haven’t yet mastered how to look cool.

So, here is a whopping 38 ways to LOOK cool that will guide you through cool kids’ i) cool clothes, ii) cool homeware, iii) cool vinyl record players, iv) cool notepads, v) cool tote bags, and much, much more cool stuff designed to make you look cool.

Honestly, if you’re not cool by the end of this, we just don’t know how to get you into the Kingdom of Cool.

Wait – we’re not done.

We’ve saved the best until last.

Think of this as the secret weapon in your cool toolbox.

You’re welcome.


Wanna Be Cool Every Day of the Year?



You now know what we mean when we say ‘be cool’ and you’re nearly ready to take the ‘How Cool Are You’ test but before you do, we want to show you how to be cool every day of the year.

Sounds tricky, right?

But no need to break a sweat about it – just be cool!

We’ll let you in on a secret.

Many say that Zaini Beanies are the birthplace of cool.

Where cool began.

All our creations are cool.

All our designs? Cool.

The way we’re a small business handcrafting the best beanies in Britain? That’s pretty cool too.

So, because we are the connoisseurs of cool, the coolness creators, certified cool by cool celebrities, the coolest clothing closet online, WE can help YOU be cool too.

Every day of the year.

How can we help?

With our beanie bobble hats, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Our styles are unique, bold, bright, and beautiful.

Made with only the coolest customers in mind. Customers like you!

Beanie bobble hats are one of the coolest accessories you can have in your wardrobe.

Think of surfers, skaters, skiers – all pretty cool right?

And what else do they have in common?

Zaini Beanies.

You know what else is cool?

The fact that we’ve rounded up three of our coolest choices for you right here, making it even easier for you to be cool.


Drum roll please... 


First up, its our Leven Fleece Lined Beanie Bobble Hat. Pink, blue and white striped with a beautiful white bobble on top. On the interior, fleece lining that will keep you feeling cosy on the inside while you look cool on the outside.


As with many of our beanies, you can see a whole host of famous faces wearing this one with pride!


Word of warning?


You may be mistaken for a celeb when styling your Leven Beanie.


Next, we’re introducing you to our Dougal Fleece Lined Beanie Bobble Hat.


With stripes of vibrant pink, green and white, you’ll light up any room!


The baggy style of our handcrafted Scottish beanies oozes coolness and this one is no exception.


Word of warning?


You may never want to take this one off!


If you want to cool it on the stripes for a while, we’ve got you covered with our Zetland Beanie Bobble Hat.


This one is a dark blue dream with an icing of bright pink for that extra pop of colour in your certified-cool wardrobe.


Unlike our Leven and Dougal beanies, this one is not fleece lined so if you’re a bit hot headed, Zetland is your perfect match!


Word of warning?


This is one of our most popular beanies, so don’t miss your opportunity to join the world of cool.

So, with no further ado, welcome to the World of Cool.

We hope that you will enjoy your newfound coolness.

Maybe you were cool before you read this?

Well, now you’re cooler than cool.

And what’s cooler than cool?

Ice cold.

And – our Zaini Beanies!

Now go take that test, challenge your friends and see which one of you is the King or Queen of Cool!

Shop Zaini today!




cool beanies cool hats

July 23, 2020


Custom Beanies

beanie hat custom design

Design Your Own Beanie Hat

Here at Zaini, we know how much you love your beanie and bobble hats, whether to spruce up your autumn look, complement your summer style or simply to keep your head warm in an upcoming winter adventure, we have the right beanie and bobble hats for you.

But we also know that you want to make your own statement, and that is why Zaini now offers its customers our very own custom beanie design service!

Whether you are looking for a set of custom beanies for you and your extended family, your local sports team or for a corporate event, Zaini is here to guide you through the process so you can get your own custom beanie range hot off the press and delivered to your door before you can scream ‘Custom beanie!’. 

So keep reading to learn more about our custom beanie service and design your own today! But first, what exactly is a custom beanie?

What is a custom Beanie?


custom beanie hat

A custom beanie simply put is a beanie that you can design yourself! Whether you are looking to design a beanie for your sports team, a school class our a general outing, then designing your own custom beanie could be perfect for you and your cause. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd and bring a group of people together, then we can’t think of anything that is greater at doing that than designing your own range of custom beanie hats. 

Here at Zaini we truly believe beanies can bring people together and with a set of matching custom-designed beanies, that’s when people really begin to unite!

Who Buys Custom Beanies?

Our custom beanie service is perfect for sports teams, schools, school trips, outings, travel, skiing trips, corporate gifting and even businesses for marketing. Our custom beanie and design your own service caters to men, women and children with a whole range of size, styles and colours to suit all.

We know that it can be difficult when you are in charge of organising an event, to come up with ideas on how to make the event stand out, how can you make this event really special? 

Well doing something different will always make an event special and stand out, and designing your own set of custom beanies will really make it memorable. 

And the most beautiful part of it? When the event is all over, people have an awesome piece of memorabilia to take home and cherish! 

Why Design your Own Custom Beanie?

The reasons to design your own set of custom beanies is endless so let’s list our top 3 best reasons to design your one beanie online with Zaini today!

Unique Idea - Guess what? Not that many people are designing their own custom beanies! So get in there and shock your football buddies, your work colleagues or your classmates by designing an awesome custom beanie

A Beautiful Piece of Memorabilia - When the event or gathering has inevitably wound down, your custom-designed beanies will hopefully be taken home and cherished. Giving a custom beanie as a gift means that your event will live on for years in the memories of those that came!

Everyone Loves beanies - Yes that’s right, come on, who doesn’t love a beanie!? What would you prefer your team logo to be printed on a, a mug, a balloon or a t-shirt? None of those I hear you cry, because nothing gets cooler than seeing your own logo on your own beanie design.

So what more reason do you need to design your own beanie online today? Check out our premium custom beanie service here


Custom Beanies UK: Zaini

Zaini will do the whole design process using your specified colours and logo and put together a number of designs for you to choose from.


Alternatively, if you prefer, you can play around with your in house beanie designs and try your own colours and design.


And remember your custom beanies will be the same superb quality as all of our off the shelf beanies. Handmade to order!

Custom Beanie No Minimum

We would love to offer one-off pieces for your custom beanie needs each time, but we also want to deliver not only on just on quality and service but on price. This is why we do require a minimum order of 30 for custom beanies


But we can assure you this order quantity is a lot less than many other custom beanie services in the UK, plus you get to work with our designers closely to make sure you get exactly what you are after! 


Top Tip: If you have a few hats spare, why not spread the beanie hat love and give one to your milkman, the local builder, or to a stranger in the street!


The good news is that we are currently working on developing our service offering, so we can deliver individual custom beanies, and most likely this will be towards the end of the year so stay tuned! 


Design Your Own Beanie Online: The Process

So you are set to go, great, and we have made the process very very simple for you. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose Hats Style
  2. Choose Colours
  3. Want a PomPom?
  4. Choose Your Size
  5. Add a Logo?
  6. Want a Fleece Lining?
  7. Choose your Fit

That simple? That Simple! Promise us you won’t get addicted, please!

Start Now!


So, Design Your Own Beanie Today!

Zaini would love to be part of your next corporate event, your next football team outing or the next party with your friends, so check out our awesome custom beanie service today and come join the Zaini family today!


design your own beanie

July 13, 2020


Adventure Seekers: The Perfect Beanie

Best Beanies

best beanies uk adventure


Adventure seekers, young and old, let’s face it we all love‘playing’ outside. Whether it is a long country walk, a blast down the ski slopes or a simply enjoying a glass of wine in the garden being outside felt inherently great!

As we move into autumn and the temperature inevitably begins to drop, our enjoyment and love for nature grow increasingly dependent on the gear we own!

Enter the beanie hat. The one-piece of cold-weather gear for the outdoor lifestyle you simply cannot do without. 

We all know the warm, comforting touch of our favourite beanie wrapped around our heads, so snug that we want to curl up into it. We might even remember being so cold in our tents on some wild adventure, that we even kept our beanies while sleeping. some coils argue that it could possibly be the most important accessory for any sort of outdoor lifestyle or adventure seeker. After all, 30% of our heat loss comes from our noggin’, and let’s face it, no one looks forward to frostbitten ears!

Yet many of us know the woes of an ill-fitting beanie that threatens to wip off your head as you pick up speed skiing down beautiful snowly slopes, or at the first gusts of howling winds up high in the mountains. Even more of us have probably bought a cheap beanie in past that has casued constant pawing at ones’ forehead in irritation while negotiating tricky terrain where the use of both hands would be nice and sensible!

The fit of the beanie around the head and ears are important to say the least. Always, size your beanie right and ensure a snug, comfortable fit, equally as important whether you are getting slammed by harsh winter winds at high elevation, galloping on horseback, or simply out with the family on a brisk autumn Sunday walk.


Cold Weather Beanie Hats




cold weather beanie hats

Those who live in temperate climates know that come winter, or in some parts of the world even autumn, the beanie hat is the one accessory you simply do not leave home without, when the temperatures start to drop. Not only is it protecting you from the cold, but the right beanie will also keep the wind out, and the heat in. The insulating layers of material work together to trap heat, giving us that warm, snug feeling. 

The material of the beanie comes next with acrylic, fleece, wool and cotton being the most widely available and desired. Each of these materials has a different feel, and everyone has their own favourites. Cheaper beanies are usually made with inferior materials, can irritate your scalp and skin, and even cause rash and breakouts.

That being said, there are some beanies simply better than others. With construction and features fulfilling different needs, each one is unique to the purpose it was designed for. Chunky knit uses bulkier yarn and a distinct knit pattern that gives a more traditional outdoorsy look. Crochet beanies as opposed to knit beanies are a style of stitching that gives a thicker look and are less prone to being stretched. Lined beanies, usually with fleece, give us that extra insulation for the colder days and protects our skin from itchy fibres. Bobble hats, or “pom-poms”, are a fashion statement in themselves and a quintessential part of any winter wardrobe. Earflaps give extra pieces of material to fully cover the ears, and reversible beanies give you two beanies in one! 

Be prepared to pay for quality, but your favourite beanie hat doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Superior materials like acrylic wool cost more and are worth shelling out for, yet with some brand name beanies you pay for the brand, just like any other accessory piece.


How to Wear A Beanie: The Fashion Statement

Did you know you could choose a beanie to flatter the shape of your face? Shorter or rounder faces do well with a beanie without a turn-back cuff and a looser style can add some height to your face. Wear it slightly loose, and back off your face, instead of pulling it straight down your ears. Longer faces suit turn-back cuffs, even better if they have contrasting colours. Wearing a beanie snug against your head also prevents adding length. 

Long Hair Beanie Styles



long hair beanie styles

Then ladies (and gents!), there’s the dreaded “hat-hair”. We take our beanie hats off and the first thing we do is to ruffle our hair in an attempt to shake out the flattened ‘do’. What about hairstyles that fit so perfectly under a beanie that they seem made for each other? Tight braids on either side frame the face, a single French braid keeps the hair tangle-free, cascading loose curls draw attention upwards and since a beanie covers the top, you just have to worry about curling the bottom half of your hair. 

History of The Bobble Hat

And then there are bobble hats. Bobbles have a pom-pom, which in recent years have grown in popularity as a fashion icon, but came from a rich history dating back to the discovery of a statue of the Viking God Freyr wearing a hat with a pom-pom. The indomitable Hungarian cavalry, the Hussars, all wore shakos as part of their uniform, decorating the top of the tall hat with a pom-pom. The military use of the pom-pom was widely accepted to not only distinguish between companies, but was a source of great regimental pride. Napoleon’s infantry soldiers used pom-poms to distinguish between companies with green, blue, violet and orange pom-poms. 

Who knew that the beloved pom-pom, now a classic winter icon, had such impressive historical usage? Fitting it under a helmet would be our biggest challenge these days!


Adventure Time: Zaini Beanie & Bobble Hats

Whether you spend your days ripping down slopes, horseback riding or up a mountain clinging onto a cliff face, the modest beanie hat is the fundamental part of any winter wardrobe. Choose wisely and it will be your best friend, always by your side and follow you on all your wacky adventures. Rock that beanie!

Explore our awesome, funky, fun and fabulous beanie and bobble hat range here, and join the Zaini tribe today!



outdoor beanie and bobble hats

July 09, 2020


Zaini Beanies & Bobbles: The Best Quality Hats

Beanies & Bobbles UK


best beanie and bobble hats uk


Attention all beanie hat lovers! 


Are you a beanie hat fanatic? A bobble hat addict? Do you struggle to find your perfect hat match? 


Well if you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, maybe it’s time you joined the Zaini family? We think you’ll fit in nicely here!  


Zaini beanies are changing the beanie game! We are a small, independently owned, Scottish business who love to mix fun and fashion with our love for the great outdoors. 


We’re on a mission to banish drab colours and mass-made, poor quality material that itches


We’re not your average beanie makers. 


So, what’s different about us? 


Well, we’re here to turn all your beanie shopping pain points into a pleasure! We’ll do all the hard work to make your beanie shopping experience a breeze! 


Zaini beanies was born out of our love for colour, quality and comfort and our belief that a beanie can have all three qualities! Don’t you agree? 


Bright Bobble Hats


best bobble hats uk


We make beanies that are cool yet comfortable, cosy yet stylish and affordable yet high quality. If you’ve ever forked out a few pounds for a beanie that didn’t fit right and made your head itch, we’re here to save you from ever re-living that experience again! 


Want to know more about how we make affordable, quality, stylish and comfortable beanies that are a cut above the rest? Well, here’s a few examples of how we do things a little differently at Zaini. 


Handmade in the UK: Zaini


Every one of our Zaini beanies are carefully crocheted with love right here in Scotland. We believe that the best businesses are those which grow from a passion project and that’s exactly how Zaini founder, Miranda Harper, started out with her beanie creations.  


Miranda loves the outdoors and upon her return from a ski trip one year, she felt a little frustrated about the poor selection of beanies out there. This frustration combined with her love of crocheting was the magic mix that turned a hobby into a business. 


Miranda was on a mission – to craft the perfect beanie! She started crocheting her own beanies – using her now-signature bright and bold colours. They soon caught the attention of friends and family. Now everyone wanted a unique, fun beanie! 


This organically led Miranda to setting up Zaini so she could share her perfect beanie creations with everyone. It’s been a wild ride ever since! Attention to detail is key. Miranda takes pride in her work and the results speak for themselves (from glowing client reviews online, to countless photos of happy faces in their Zaini purchases splashed across Facebook and Instagram).   


Not only will you LOOK great (and be busy answering your friends when they’re quizzing you on where you got your beanie from!) but you’ll also FEEL great in knowing that you’re supporting a local, independent business that pours love into every creation. 


But how long will that feeling last? Well that brings us to our next point. (*spoiler alert* looks like that feeling is here to stay!) 


Durable & Fleece Lined Bobble Hats


It breaks our heart to think of all the time we’ve wasted searching for something that falls apart after a few washes. 


We won’t lie to you; we spend an inordinate amount of time picking out our threads. So, one thing we DO know is that once we’ve picked them out, we expect them to last! 


If you’re not a fan of fast fashion, then keep reading! 


Our beanies are built to last. 


It’s in-Zaini (sorry) how durable they are! The acrylic we use is extremely durable towards rain, snow and wind. 


Does your beanie need a wash after a muddy hike? No problem, just handwash at 40 degrees or below and your hat will be good as new. 


We like to have a lasting relationship with our beanies. We hope you do too. 


Non Itchy Beanie Hat: Comfort


What else makes Zaini so special? 




It is our solemn promise to you that we will never make you itch. We know you’ve been hurt before by itchy jumpers and cheap knits. We would never treat you that way. 


We are all about comfort and cosiness. That’s why we only use 100% acrylic yarn. Acrylic yarn is super soft and has a luxurious cashmere feel. This ensures a smooth, non-itchy experience for the wearer whilst also being super durable against outdoor conditions. It’s a win win!


At Zaini, we believe that comfort is king, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style for it. 


Which leads us to one of our favourite topics! 


Cool Beanie Hats: Style 


Do comfort and style ever go together? We think they should. They look good together! 


Have you seen the vibrant colours in our range of beanie hats? These fun beanies are designed to turn heads (maybe even garner some envious looks!) and brighten up your day! 


We are all about bright, bold, block colours that stand out from the crowd! Here at Zaini, we believe winter clothes do not need to be grey and summer threads can be as bright as the sun (well, nearly. We don’t want to blind you).


For all of these reasons, our beanies match every season. 


Speaking of style, we know you’re wondering ‘but where have I seen these beanies before?’. 


Well, you may have seen some of these public figures sporting them over the last few years. We’ve had quite the number of famous faces grace the halls of Zaini! Actors, musicians, comedians, sports stars and Olympic athletes have all been spotted bobbing about in our beanies. 


We love seeing our beanies in action! Our lovely customers have been busy sharing their Zaini beanie adventures on Instagram. We’ve seen our beanies go skiing, hiking, camping and even out walking canine companions. If you’re a fun-filled, adventurous spirit, we’ve got you covered. 


Best Bobble Hats: Zaini UK

So, if that hasn’t convinced you then we don’t know what will. Zaini beanies are simply the best beanies in the business. 

Are you ready to join the adventure? We think so!

Check out our awesome range of Beanie & Bobbles here!


zaini beanie and bobble hats bright bobble hats uk

June 25, 2020


Ski Bobble Hats: Winter Style

Ski Hats UK

ski bobble hats uk


Did you know that we lose about 10% of body heat through the head? And what’s more, this goes up considerably more in colder temperatures. So before winter arrives and before we head off on that family trip to the Alps or the Pyrenees, it’s crucial that we pick the right hat for you and your family, so you can keep your heads and just as importantly, your ears warm on your winter journey!


Ski Bobble Hats: A Brief History


ski bobble beanie hats

Skiing has been around for a pretty long time, and in the last few decades has certainly become one of the world’s most loved winter sports. At first, skiing simply started out as a method of transportation, and an effective way to travel across snowy lands. Amazingly, the oldest ski artifacts date from over 10,000 years ago, and discovered near Lake Sindor in Russia. Pretty mind-blowing!

Although people used skis for transportation at first, they would soon come to realise how much easier they made movement and long journeys over frozen wetlands and even started hunting for reindeer, elk and other game using ski technology. 

As the years passed on in countries such as Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Poland, skis started to be used for military purposes too. This continued well into the 20th century and even served their purpose in both World War I and World War II, most particularly during the battle between the Germans and the Russians in wild icy tundras.

However, it was actually as far back as the 1840s that skiing started to become the popular sport we know and love today. The first skiing competitions began around this time and they quickly helped the sport solidify itself as one of the most popular Olympic sports the world had ever seen. 

Of course, skiing is unimaginable without proper equipment. Apart from the obvious - skis - you need ski poles, ski boots, ski jackest and pants, base layers and ski gloves… And of course, a ski hat. 

Ski Bobble Hats for Men


men's ski bobble hats

Let’s face it, men love a good ski bobble hat! Not only does your bobble hat keep you warm on the slopes but it’s gotta look cool and it’s gotta match your outfit! There isn’t much difference between ski bobble hats for men and women in general, we all know that men are a little bigger headed than women in general [wink wink] but bobble hats unlike perhaps a beanie hat are generally baggier and larger, so one size fits all in many ways.

You may find that when shopping for a ski bobble hat for men, the range of colors are often a bit limited. But here at Zaini, we know that men love to wear bold, bright and standout colors as much as women in this day and age, and guess what? Psychedelic pink for men is in this winter, so shop with Zaini today for the perfect ski beanie bobble hat here!

Zaini strives to give men the chance to get hats in as many colors and designs they like!


Ski Bobble Hats for Women

Here at Zaini, our founder, Miranda Harper, is an avid skier herself. Many years ago, she was so annoyed that she couldn’t find a ski bobble hat that was colorful, warm, cute, and cool that she decided to make one herself! 

And to her surprise, people loved her hat designs!. She made more, everyone spread the word and that’s how Zaini came to be! 

Just like for men, when choosing a ski bobble hat for a women, well the worlds your bobble hat! 

Pick a hat that fits your style, are you a bit rocky? A bit Jazz? Or you want bright, fluffy and pink? Whatever your flavour, whatever your style, bobble hats are designed to have fun with.

We can assure you that, the Zaini team each have multiple bobble hats in their collections, and their collections keep growing!


Best Ski Bobble Hats

You can find a great variety of ski bobble hats in the UK. First, you need to know what you’re looking for. 

The best ski bobble hat you can choose will offer protection both from water and the cold. Are your ears constantly cold? Well, you will want to be looking at an ear-flapped bobble hat. 

Do you get overheated when you slide down the slopes? Choose a bobble hat that is breathable and nonitchy. There is nothing worse than having to stop mid-run to itch your head!

Does wearing a helmet make you feel safer when you ski? Consider your beanie hat options, as they often fit snugly to your head and easily allow for a ski helmet to fit over the top.

Beanies vs. Bobble Hats

So Beanie or Booble hat? A beanie may be a better choice if the helmet is mandatory for you. But if you love skiing without one, a ski bobble hat will look wonderfully stylish on you! 

Both beanies and bobble hats can be durable, water-proof and high-quality accessories that never go out of style. You can actually get both types of hats and switch from wearing one to the other as you see fit!


Best Ski Beanies 

When looking for men’s ski hats, you’ll want to make sure it meets your criteria of “the best”. Especially if you’re looking for a beanie, which goes over your forehead and ears, you will want to choose a hat that’s non-itchy. Who has the time to scratch their head while swooshing down the slopes, right? At the same time, you’ll need something to keep you warm, and hopefully distinguish you from the rest of the skiers. Standing out from the crowd is awesome - and Zaini made it even easier with it’s bright bobble hats and wild choice of designs.

Our durable, high-quality trendy ski beanies will never let you go unnoticed, and they’ll be your best friends in the cold, on those wild winter ski slopes and on any journey you choose across snowy tundras or wild frontiers!

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June 15, 2020


Children’s Bobble Hats

What is a bobble Hat?

children's bobble hats

The bobble hat has been around for thousands of years, in various forms, throughout numerous cultures and donned many heads in its time. It has become one of the UK’s most beloved hats for all the family to wear. Whether its grandma rocking one as she waddles off to buy the groceries, mum on her way to work, or simply to keep the little one’s head warm whilst playing in the winter snow, the bobble hat is here, and it’s here to stay! 

So let’s have a little peek into the history of the infamous and well-loved bobble hat!

Bobble Hats: A Brief History

Some thousand years ago, bobble hats with the recognizable ball of wool or fur at the top were popular among the Vikings in Scandinavia

Viking god Freyr was the ruler of peace, fertility, rain and sunshine. So when archeologists discovered a statuette of him wearing a hat with a pom-pom, it was a clear sign of how important the pom-pom was in the Viking culture!  Who would have thought we would be discussing pom-poms and Viking culture in the same sentence!?

god freyr bobble hat

Centuries later, sailors and soldiers also wore hats with pom-poms to protect them from injuries during skirmishes and battles, and eventually, the pom-pom slowly made it’s way to our modern bobble hats!

The word pom-pom originates from the French word ‘pompon’. In the 1700s, the imposing Hussars, Hungarian cavalry, wore shakos as part of their uniforms. These were tall, structured caps. This impressive but heavy headgear caught the eye of regiments across Europe. Of course, as everyone had their own style and preferences, some decorated the shakos with metal plating, while others topped them with feathered plumage or a pom-pom. 

Proper pom-pom hats were particularly popular as part of military uniform among Napoleon’s infantry, where their colour denoted the company, soldiers belonged to. The first company used green, the second light blue, the third orange, and the fourth used violet.

childrens bobble hat

Bobble Hat vs. Beanie Hat

Your best companion against the bitter winter is the trusted bobble hat. But many people also wear beanies. So what are the differences? 

Bobbles, as we’ve seen, have the pom-pom on top which makes them just that little bit cuter. 

Beanie hats, however, fit closely to the head and have no elements that stick out, either on top or on the side. Sometimes they can have a cuff that you can fold up, while other beanies don’t. 

Bobble hats often are a bit looser, more slouching, and generally fluffier and baggier than beanies, and don’t necessarily wrap tight around the head.

So beanie or bobble, there isn’t much between the two, so here at Zaini we say build up a collection of both styles! 

Whichever beanie or bobble hat you choose to wear, either through the summer or winter months, you know you’re getting a comfortable, cute and trendy accessory that will keep you warm and stylish.


What style of Bobble Hats are there?

Just like beanies, bobble hats also come in different styles. Here is a few of them: 

  1. Cuffed bobble hat. With the cuff giving an extra layer around your forehead, ears and the back of your head, even the bitter cold can’t stop you! 

  1. The slouch bobble hat. The slouch bobble hat has no cuffed brim. It comes with a longer style that practically sits on top of your ears and has some extra materials that slouch down towards the back of the ears. And of course, the inevitable pom-pom at the top! 

  1. High-top bobble hat. The pom-pom usually doesn’t come at the very center-top of your head - so that’s why we have high-top bobble hats for! If you just love the little ball of fur and want to proudly show it to the world, this is the hat for you. 

Can Children wear Bobble Hats?

Fun, Bold and Adventurous

Of course they can! Children love bobble hats for their cuteness and comfort. In many ways, the quirky and unique style of bobble hats reflects the spirit of children, fun, bold and adventurous!

Kids’ beanie hats and kids’ bobble hats are as popular as ever. Kids love the colourful designs and the soft materials they are made of these days. And when they can find beanies and bobbles that don’t itch, they’re in for a treat! 

Children’s Bobble Hats UK 

No Itching or Irritating the Little Heads: Zaini 

There are several manufacturers of children’s bobble hats in the UK. Some offer animal bobbles, others offer a broad range of designs. Here at Zaini, we make durable, high-quality children’s bobble hats in all colours and styles. And most importantly - the soft acrylic we use means no itching or irritating the little heads!

Zaini also designs personalised hats in your favorite sports team’s colours. 

Want to get a Chelsea FC bobble hat for your kid? Just let us know! Our hats are perfect for children supporting their favorite football teams. Kids can show their love for the team with a cool hat, and the cool hat will keep them dry, warm and looking stylish all year long.


Children’s Knitted Bobble Hats

Made with Passion, Dedication and Love

At Zaini, we care about every single hat we make, and even more so when it comes to children’s hats. Zaini’s very own founder, Miranda, knitted her own bobbles and beanies well before she started Zaini, and has continued to do so. 

All Zaini’s hats are knitted using our special soft acrylic yarn. They’re not only made to keep you and your kids warm and dry but they’re made with passion, dedication and love. 

Personalised and Custom Children’s Bobble Hats

Custom-Designed Bobble Hats

Are you sick of black and grey bobble hats? Wouldn’t you love to break the winter monotony, and NOT contribute to it further? You’re in the right place! 

Here at Zaini you can order a custom-designed bobble hat for yourself, your friends and family. Choose the colours, choose your style and let us know how many you need, and that’s it! 

You can also create your own bobble and beanie hats as little gifts for your clients or employees - and we’ll put your logo on the tag. 

And if you want to celebrate your favorite football or rugby team, we’re right here for you! Get a cool, trendy, comfortable hat that will keep you warm for years to come, all while showing your love and dedication for your team!

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June 09, 2020


The Brief History of the Beanie Hat

The Beanie Hat: How it Became the Most Adored and Must-Have Accessory

Beanie hats the history

Keeping warm has been a human necessity since the dawn of time. Before the discovery of antibiotics and advancements in what we now call modern medicine we take for granted today, catching a cold or flu 100 years ago could mean certain death! 

So in many ways, the hat started out as an essential accessory for the purpose of staying healthy and alive. Of course, over time the hat has evolved more and more to become a now fashion accessory and symbol of status in many cultures.

One of the first hats that we know of today was work by a Bronze Age man (nicknamed Ötzi) who lived around 3250 BC! His body and hat were found frozen in a mountain somewhere closer to Italy and Austria. His hat was made of bearskin and even had a chin strap, presumably to stop it falling off when he was hunting wild beasts! The hat he wore resembled somewhat a Russin fur hat without the flaps made of several hides stitched together!

Nowadays the styles of hats you can choose from ranging from contemporary to traditional is almost endless. Beanie, Booble, Flat, Baseball, Boater, Boonie, Busby and Cartwheel are to name but just a few! 

Hat design has come a long way since the Bronze Age and one hat that stands out from the crowd and risen in popularity since the 12th century is the stylish beanie hat!

The Beanie hat, which represents a style of hat fitting closely to the head, first originated in 12th century Wales.

Yes, your beloved beanie is THAT old! But how did the beanie hat we now know and love become what it is today?

In the Beginning was the Monmouth Cap

The beanie goes by many names: toque, cap, skullcap, stocking cap, dink, bobble hat, bobble cap. But the first time there was written documentation of this style of hat, that wrapped the head, was in 12th century Wales. 

It was called known as The Monmouth Cap after the town it was manufactured in, and it was the early precursor to the trendy accessory we all know and love today. The Monmouth Cap not only fit closely to the head but it also had a button at the top!

In fact, The Monmouth cap is the ancestor of today’s bobble hat, replacing the button with a pom-pom.

Velvet was first used to produce the Monmouth caps but it was soon realised, that wool was a more affordable and sturdier fabric. Over time the materials ranged from cloth to wool and they even started to add felt, to ensure it was fully waterproof. No wonder soldiers and workers loved it - it kept them warm and dry, and kept their hair back so it wouldn’t get keep falling across their faces. Indeed, not only was it stylish, but it was a very practical accessory for the times.

The Beanie Hat Takes the World by Storm: 1200s-1900s

beanie hats bobble hats and accessories

With the colonization of the Americas, the beanie hat found its way to what is now Canada and the USA. At first, only men wore them as they worked outdoors in harsh conditions. As the beanie hat has no brim, it made it easier for the workers to do their job, and stay warm. The practicality of the beanie hat was essential. However, fashion trends slowly changed and both women and men started wearing black velvet toques, a type of beanie hat. Women’s toques were sometimes even laced with fur, lace, bows, flowers, and even leaves. How chic were those! 

Workers, College Students and Hippies Love the Beanie Hat: 1900s - Early 2000s

With the development and growth of global industries, the industrial revolution, and rise of the blue-collar worker, many found what they needed in the beanie hat. It was not only stylish and cool but was practical across many different types of labor-intensive jobs. 

However, by the 1940s the beanie hat had become outdated. The baseball cap was simply more practical as its long brim protected the eyes from the sun and dust. Nevertheless, the beanie hat remained popular with college students at the time as well as beat poets, hippies and vagabonds, rocking them well into the 1960s. The beanie hat, although pushed out of the fashion mainstream, were still important people in the alternative scenes and subcultures.

Yet, by the 1990s, it made a huge come-back into the mainstream. 

More and more females started to don the beanie hat. Sporting figures started wearing these hats too, further increasing their popularity dramatically. It became a quality accessory for the young, cool and hip. Anyone doing sport, traveling, or simply just chilling and having a good time with their friends and family wore the beanie hat!

Can’t Live Without the Beanie Hat: 2010s and Onwards

While you’d recognize the traditional woolen beanie hat by its grey and dark tones, the 2010s brought on a new trend. Beanie hats, especially those manufactured here at Zaini, became mnore colorful, fun, and bright. And for Zaini, something that is even more important is ensuring our handmade hats are as comfortable as they are cool. 

Don’t you just hate that itch you get every time you put on a traditional beanie hat? Wool is great but it can really irritate the skin and the scalp. That is why we use soft acrylic to prevent itching as well as ensuring we create the softest and most comfortable hats in the UK for you. 

Beanies are no longer simply reserved for blue-collar workers, hippies and college kids. Anyone can wear and look awesome in a beanie hat! 

Grandmothers give them to their grandkids, friends exchange them as birthday and Christmas gifts, campers love the comfort and warmth they provide, mountain climbers appreciate the colorful design for mountain safety and their waterproof qualities… And travelers just adore the fact that they can look great and stay warm while roaming new cities, discovering new countries, and exploring new wild frontiers.

You don’t even have to wear it just from winter to spring. The soft materials and fun designs mean beanies are not only a great winter accessory, but can also make a fashion statement all the year-round! 

A Long Road

It’s been a long road from the rough dark woolen hats reserved for workers, hippies and geeks, to the bright, colourful and fun hat everyone knows and loves today. 

The question is, what’s next for the beanie hat?

Well here at Zaini we believe a bright future lies ahead for the beanie hat. Rest assured, the beanie has been with us since the 12th century and is still in fashion today. That’s 800 years of evolution, here’s to the next 800 years!

Check out Zaini’s awesome range of Beanie caps here, and come join the Zaini Revolution!

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October 13, 2017


Zaini Hats on the road for 2017.....

So it's that time of year again. The van is packed, new products all in stock, staff rota's done and we're OFF. Touring around the UK spreading the Zaini love to all our customers. Starting in London for the Ski Show and then all the way up north to Edinburgh. Our event list is over on our social media pages so do follow up for updates over winter and hopefully see some of you along the way!

November 25, 2015


Ben Foden dishes out the Zaini hats....

Ben Foden, Northampton Saints legend, dished out the Zaini hats this week. Luther Burrell got his hands on one pretty quickly!

Get the Saints look here:


September 18, 2015


Ingrid Klimke grabs her Zaini at Burghley Horse Trials

Ingrid Klimke, Germans best event rider, popped by the stand at Burghley Horse Trials to get kitted out in Zaini Gear. Ingrid was riding for Germany at Blair Atholl and also competing individually at Burghley Horse Trials. Great to meet her and glad she loves our hats!

Get Ingrid's look here:


February 24, 2015


London Irish add Zaini's Coll beanie to its kit list!

London Irish, one of the best rugby teams in the UK, sport their Coll Zaini beanie to keep themselves warm and fashionable!

Get the look and buy the exact same hat here: http://zaini.com/collections/hats/products/coll

February 03, 2015


Laura Crane, UK Model and Pro Surfer, rocks her Luing beanie

Laura Crane, one of the UK 's best female Surfers, can always be seen sporting her Luing beanie on the beach, around town, on shoots and even while pacling for Bali!  


February 03, 2015


JB, former member of JLS, sporting his Zaini's on Channel 4's THE JUMP

JB survived the first episode with an EPIC jump off on Channel 4's popular programme  - THE JUMP - and all the way through he was sporting his collection of Zaini hats - thanks JB!



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