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Design Your Own Beanie Hat

Here at Zaini, we know how much you love your beanie and bobble hats, whether to spruce up your autumn look, complement your summer style or simply to keep your head warm in an upcoming winter adventure, we have the right beanie and bobble hats for you.

But we also know that you want to make your own statement, and that is why Zaini now offers its customers our very own custom beanie design service!

Whether you are looking for a set of custom beanies for you and your extended family, your local sports team or for a corporate event, Zaini is here to guide you through the process so you can get your own custom beanie range hot off the press and delivered to your door before you can scream ‘Custom beanie!’. 

So keep reading to learn more about our custom beanie service and design your own today! But first, what exactly is a custom beanie?

What is a custom Beanie?


custom beanie hat

A custom beanie simply put is a beanie that you can design yourself! Whether you are looking to design a beanie for your sports team, a school class our a general outing, then designing your own custom beanie could be perfect for you and your cause. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd and bring a group of people together, then we can’t think of anything that is greater at doing that than designing your own range of custom beanie hats. 

Here at Zaini we truly believe beanies can bring people together and with a set of matching custom-designed beanies, that’s when people really begin to unite!

Who Buys Custom Beanies?

Our custom beanie service is perfect for sports teams, schools, school trips, outings, travel, skiing trips, corporate gifting and even businesses for marketing. Our custom beanie and design your own service caters to men, women and children with a whole range of size, styles and colours to suit all.

We know that it can be difficult when you are in charge of organising an event, to come up with ideas on how to make the event stand out, how can you make this event really special? 

Well doing something different will always make an event special and stand out, and designing your own set of custom beanies will really make it memorable. 

And the most beautiful part of it? When the event is all over, people have an awesome piece of memorabilia to take home and cherish! 

Why Design your Own Custom Beanie?

The reasons to design your own set of custom beanies is endless so let’s list our top 3 best reasons to design your one beanie online with Zaini today!

Unique Idea - Guess what? Not that many people are designing their own custom beanies! So get in there and shock your football buddies, your work colleagues or your classmates by designing an awesome custom beanie

A Beautiful Piece of Memorabilia - When the event or gathering has inevitably wound down, your custom-designed beanies will hopefully be taken home and cherished. Giving a custom beanie as a gift means that your event will live on for years in the memories of those that came!

Everyone Loves beanies - Yes that’s right, come on, who doesn’t love a beanie!? What would you prefer your team logo to be printed on a, a mug, a balloon or a t-shirt? None of those I hear you cry, because nothing gets cooler than seeing your own logo on your own beanie design.

So what more reason do you need to design your own beanie online today? Check out our premium custom beanie service here


Custom Beanies UK: Zaini

Zaini will do the whole design process using your specified colours and logo and put together a number of designs for you to choose from.


Alternatively, if you prefer, you can play around with your in house beanie designs and try your own colours and design.


And remember your custom beanies will be the same superb quality as all of our off the shelf beanies. Handmade to order!

Custom Beanie No Minimum

We would love to offer one-off pieces for your custom beanie needs each time, but we also want to deliver not only on just on quality and service but on price. This is why we do require a minimum order of 30 for custom beanies


But we can assure you this order quantity is a lot less than many other custom beanie services in the UK, plus you get to work with our designers closely to make sure you get exactly what you are after! 


Top Tip: If you have a few hats spare, why not spread the beanie hat love and give one to your milkman, the local builder, or to a stranger in the street!


The good news is that we are currently working on developing our service offering, so we can deliver individual custom beanies, and most likely this will be towards the end of the year so stay tuned! 


Design Your Own Beanie Online: The Process

So you are set to go, great, and we have made the process very very simple for you. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose Hats Style
  2. Choose Colours
  3. Want a PomPom?
  4. Choose Your Size
  5. Add a Logo?
  6. Want a Fleece Lining?
  7. Choose your Fit

That simple? That Simple! Promise us you won’t get addicted, please!

Start Now!


So, Design Your Own Beanie Today!

Zaini would love to be part of your next corporate event, your next football team outing or the next party with your friends, so check out our awesome custom beanie service today and come join the Zaini family today!


design your own beanie

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