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Stylish Beanies for Winter

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Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes cold weather and shorter days. As you pull your coats, sweaters, and outdoor gear out from the back of your closet, you may realise that you could use a bit of a refresh.

Beanies are an affordable and functional way to mix up your winter wardrobe. They are great for skiing and other winter outdoor activities, but also just as great for a jaunt around town. 

With so many styles out there, it can be hard to pick just one. This style guide will go through various types of beanies to help you find the one that works well with what you already have.


Ladies Black Beanie Hats


ladies beanie hat


If you prefer to keep it neutral, a black beanie hat is probably the right choice from you.

These knit options from Zaini have that cute baggy style and are super soft. They even have some styles with a small pop of colour if you want to add a bit of brightness on a gloomy winter day. For a more fitted look, you could try this style to achieve the knit look without the bagginess.


Ladies Navy Beanie Hats


Navy beanie hats are another great neutral option. Did you know it’s okay to combine black and navy tones?

The Alec from Zaini ladies beanie hat is the perfect combination of these two neutral colours and could look super sleek paired with a puffy coat and some white trainers.

If a solid navy is more your style, then this hat is just right for you. It’s nice and simple, so it would look really sleak paired with a navy peacoat, some dressy trousers, and maybe even a heel if you’re feeling adventurous.


Ladies Grey Beanie Hats


Rounding out the neutral options are an array of grey beanie hats for ladies.

This luxe option features high quality Scottish spun cashmere in a ribbed texture. If that’s a bit too luxe for you, this beanie has a similar style for a much lower cost. The cuffed look of this beanie is a very hip style, but it won’t have the same coverage as a slouchy beanie.

For a more playful take on grey with the coverage and comfort of a slouchy beanie, this hat from Zaini features multiple tones of grey and a fun pom pom.


Pops of Colour


The great thing about beanies is that they’re just one part of a winter look, and usually way more affordable than a winter coat or winter shoes.

If you prefer to switch it up, try a beanie hat with pops of colour like this one from Zaini. All proceeds of this style go to support the NHS, so you can do something good for your community while still looking stylish all season long!

If rainbows aren't your thing, the Moffat from Zaini features just a few different colours in a striped pattern with a bright pink pom pom to top it off.


Ladies Beanie Hats with Pom Pom


Add a bit of visual interest to your winter look by trying out a ladies beanie hat with a pom pom on top.

We love the look of this beige and cream striped beanie with a beige pom pom on top. It adds some brightness while still staying neutral and would look great paired with a chunky sweater, leggings, and boots.

We love how this style is mostly black with a bright green stripe and a bright green pom pom. It would look great with a pair of high waisted mom jeans and a black bodysuit.

Another favorite is this all pink style called Bonnie (and yes, there is a Clyde style too). While we would never recommend you rob a bank in either of these hats, the Bonnie style would look super cute paired with a black shift dress, tights, and wedge booties topped with an oversized button down jacket.

The pom pom can come in many different colours and adds height and flair to your typical beanie. It’s a great look, especially when it’s worn in the popular slouchy style and paired with a cozy sweater or your go-to winter coat.


Get The Slouchy Look


Speaking of slouchy, you can achieve this winter trend through these ladies knit slouchy winter hat beanies from Zaini. The slouchy look work bests with your hair down to frame the sides of your face. Throw on a pair of sunglasses on one of those bright wintry days and you’ll look like a celebrity dodging paparazzi!


About Zaini


Zaini is a UK brand with roots in Switzerland. Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper was determined to find a comfy, colourful, and stylish beanie that could work while skiing, but had no such luck. She decided to make her own, and suddenly they were in high demand! 

She returned to her small village in the highlands of Scotland, where beanies are often a year round fashion, and began making hats by hand with her crochet hook in a wide array of colours. Miranda had to enlist the help of her skilled grandmother, until the demand for Zaini required even more hands on deck...or should we say hook!

Ten years later, Zaini now has over 200 designers with customers from over 50 different companies. All Zaini hats are made of 100% super soft acrylic yarn that isn’t itchy and gives a cashmere feel while still being durable enough for outdoor activities.


Our Favorite Zaini Ladies Beanies


All of Zaini’s beanies and bobble hats are handmade and designed in Scotland with 100% super soft acrylic yarn. Most of them are in the baggy style and feature a fun pom pom in various colours. All Zaini ladies winter hats are washable, so you can count on them throughout all of your outdoor adventures.

While we have mentioned several Zaini ladies winter hats throughout this post, but here is a roundup of some additional styles that caught our eye:

The Ratho Ladies Beanie uses pale green to contrast the bright pink pom pom.

The Balmoral Beanie Bobble Hat features blue, grey blue, and turquoise reminiscent of the winter sky or a foggy day by the sea.

The Royal Hussars Beanie Bobble Hat features the colours worn by the noteworthy cavalry regiment of the British Army.

With so many different styles, we’re sure you’ll find the right ladies beanie hat for you. Shop all of Zaini’s ladies beanie hats here.


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