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Kids Winter Hats

cool winter hats for kids


Winter is just around the corner. If you have started taking the winter gear out of storage, you may have noticed that your kiddos have grown out of last season’s winter gear. I guess it’s time to go shopping for kid’s winter hats, scarves, and gloves - oh my!

No need to worry - this post is jam packed with all sorts of fun, cute, and cool winter hats for kids. Picky kids are welcome here, as we’ll showcase a diverse range of styles so you’re bound to find the right hat for your child. Read on to learn about what options are available this year to find the perfect kids winter hat.

Cool Winter Hats for Kids

Winter hats serve a function, of course, but it never hurts to have a cool winter hat when waiting on the school bus or hanging out at recess.

The Fidra Children’s Beanie Bobble Hat from Zaini features varying coloured stripes of blue, aqua, and white. Your child is sure to stand out on the playground wearing this vibrantly coloured hat that also includes a blue pom pom on top.

What’s cooler than outer space? This Arctic Cub: Space Bunny trapper cap features a bright blue lining alongside a unique purple outer space print. Sizes range from newborn all the way up to 12 years, ensuring a snug and cozy fit.

Fun Winter Hats For Kids

cute winter hats kids

There are so many great parts about being a kid, and having fun clothing and accessories is definitely one of those things!

This Zaini Rainbow Beanie Bobble Hat is a limited edition design featuring rainbow stripes and loads of colourful fun! This beanie has a cause too - all profits go to NHS workers directly - so you can enjoy a fun hat for your kiddo all while supporting a good cause.

This Arctic Cub Hat is a modern take on the classic winter trapper hat style, featuring water-resistant fabric and a fun panda pattern.

Winter Hats for Boys

If you’re looking for a winter hat for boys, Zaini has many gender-neutral options sure to suit any little boy looking for a warm and fun winter hat. The Ullapool Kids Beanie Bobble Hat features contrasting dark blue and green stripes topped with a dark blue pom pom. The Ramsey Kids Beanie Bobble Hat is a similar look, but with purple instead of green stripes. These handmade hats come in a medium, designed for 2-5 year-old boys, or a large, designed for boys six and up.

Welcoming a newborn boy? The Lachalsh Baby Beanie Bobble Hat is handmade for newborns with a purple and dark grey stripe pattern and a playful purple pom pom.

This Arctic Cub: Moose Wave boy’s hat features faux fur and a playful moose pattern.

Winter Hats for Girls

Do you have a girly girl? The Yair Toddler Beanie Bobble Hat from Zaini features a bright pink and pastel green stripe design and is made to fit toddlers from 1-2 years old. For newborns, the Sheil Baby Beanie Bobble Hat features baby pink and lime green stripes with a cute pink pom pom, and is fully fleece lined to ensure comfort and warmth for your little one.

If pink is her favorite color, the Gavin Beanie Bobble Hat fits girls one and up. Its bright pink color is cute and guaranteed to keep her warm with its full fleece lining and super soft acrylic yarn.

The Tomahawk Junior in Red is a nice vibrant yet understated color perfect for outdoor adventures. 

About Zaini

Zaini is a UK brand with roots in Switzerland. Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper was working at a ski resort in Switzerland and was determined to find a comfy, colourful, and stylish beanie that could work while skiing. She had no luck finding the best ski beanie. She decided to make her own using a crochet hook, and suddenly they were in high demand!

She returned to her small village in the highlands of Scotland, where beanies are often a year round fashion, and began making hats by hand with her crochet hook in a wide array of colours. Miranda had to enlist the help of her skilled grandmother, until the demand for Zaini required even more hands on deck...or should we say on hook!

Ten years later, Zaini now has over 200 designers with customers from over 50 different companies. All Zaini hats are made of 100% super soft acrylic yarn that isn’t itchy and gives a cashmere feel while still being durable enough for outdoor activities. Zaini has multiple types of beanies available for skiing, horseback riding, or simply staying warm in the winter.

Our Favorite Children’s Winter Hats From Zaini

Zaini has an array of options for kids, from newborn up to twelve years old! While they are all handmade, they are designed to be durable enough to wear during rigorous outdoor activities, which means these winter hats are a solid investment for your child.

We love the simple look of this solid purple beanie, the Grant. This same style is also available in green, blue, red, navy, and pink.

If your child is not afraid of a little colour, the Ramsey Kids Beanie Bobble Hat is sure to please with its dark blue and purple stripes and dark blue pom pom. If bright colours are more their thing, they are sure to love the Tiree Kids Beanie Bobble Hat in bright pink and orange.

Did we mention all of Zaini’s handmade kids winter hats are totally washable and ship for free? Shop all of Zaini’s kids winter hats here.

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