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Ready to hit the slopes? We know you’re excited to feel the crisp air as you breeze down the mountain on your skis. Or maybe you’re more excited to curl up by the fire in the lodge with a good book and a warm and toasty drink? Either way, we’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help!

Amidst the excitement, it can be easy to forget about all of the things you need to have to enjoy a full day of skiing (or chilling in the lodge). We know you have the obvious items on your list already -- skis, ski poles, ski boots, a good jacket, gloves, and a helmet -- but considering the fact that you lose half of your body heat through your head, you’re going to need much more than a helmet to stay warm while skiing.

A quality hat is a key item to have on your ski gear list to regulate your body temperature so you can stay warm while skiing. While style isn’t essential, a stylish hat never hurts! Read on to learn about the best ski beanies to find the right one for you before you make your way to your favorite ski resort.


Beanies vs. Other Hat Options


Beanies are a great option while skiing because they often provide more coverage compared to other winter hats. They’re also pretty casual, so you can wear them on the slopes or to the pub after a long day of skiing.

Knit beanies are also super cozy, making it a great option to regulate your body temperature while outside skiing, or while taking a break in the lodge sipping on your favorite warm drink of choice.


Best Mens Ski Beanies


On a crowded slope, it’s always nice to see your friends while staying warm and stylish. This Nightlight Skull Cap from Zaini features vibrant green and purple stripes. Style aside, its handmade to fit on top of your ski helmet, which ensures the utmost comfort and warmth while still protecting your head while skiing. One customer said, “These are fabulous while skiing - can spot people a mile away!” 

If vibrant colours aren’t your thing, this Eco Essentials Beanie in Khaki Green may be more your thing. Unlike Zaini’s Skull Caps, this beanie is best fit under your helmet. Always ensure that your helmet still fits properly with a hat underneath - safety first!

Another great option is this chunky wool Sailor’s Watch Cap in a classy navy. You’ll blend in on the slopes with this hat fitted tightly under your helmet, but the pure wool will keep you nice and toasty.

The Gigha Beanie Bobble Hat from Zaini is a nice slouchy option in blue and grey. Again, unlike the skull cap style, this hat will likely work best under your helmet, but the slouchy style may also work on top of your helmet too!


Best Womens Ski Beanies


Our favorite ski beanie for women is the Spartan Skull Cap / Skiing Helmet Cover from Zaini. Featuring vibrant pink and green stripes, it’s easy to spot on the slopes and fits nicely and safely over most skiing helmets.

This Elan Beanie won’t fit on top of your helmet, but it’s super chunky and warm, featuring some vibrant stripes and a faux leather patch logo on its side. 

For a more luxe option, this pure cashmere beanie comes in several colours and is perfect for the slopes or the city. You can wear it with the cuff up or fold it down if you need to keep your ears warm.


About Zaini

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Zaini is a UK brand with roots in Switzerland. Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper was working at a ski resort in Switzerland and was determined to find a comfy, colourful, and stylish beanie that could work while skiing. She had no luck finding the best ski beanie. She decided to make her own using a crochet hook, and suddenly they were in high demand! 

She returned to her small village in the highlands of Scotland, where beanies are often a year round fashion, and began making hats by hand with her crochet hook in a wide array of colours. Miranda had to enlist the help of her skilled grandmother, until the demand for Zaini required even more hands on deck...or should we say on hook!

Ten years later, Zaini now has over 200 designers with customers from over 50 different companies. All Zaini hats are made of 100% super soft acrylic yarn that isn’t itchy and gives a cashmere feel while still being durable enough for outdoor activities. Zaini has multiple types of beanies available for skiing, horseback riding, or simply staying warm in the winter.


Zaini Ski Beanies for Men and Women


There is no better ski beanie than one made by a ski instructor herself! Zaini is dedicated to bringing you new, colourful, and unique hats. All of them are handmade with attention to detail in every way.

While Zaini’s site can be filtered by hats for men or for women, the hundreds of different styles can be worn by all genders.

As a Zaini customer and avid skier said, “I love the hats, perfect for when skiing!”

The Fara Beanie Bobble Hat features light grey, dark grey, and white chunky stripes topped with a dark grey pom pom. 

The Dunkeld Beanie Bobble Hat features a light pink contrasted with a deep blue.

The Morag Beanie Bobble Hat features green, purple, white, and pink stripes with a highlighter green pom pom to top it off.

The Frankie Skull Cap / Skiing Helmet Cover is another great option if you prefer to wear your hats on top of your helmet. It features a bright orange colour to contrast a vibrant blue, topped with a blue pom pom.

We love how the coloured stripes vary in thickness in this Oban Fleece Lined Beanie Bobble Hat, which features aqua pastel green, blue, and a calming creamy white colour.

Still seeking the perfect ski beanie before you hit the slopes? Explore all of Zaini’s ski beanies here.


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