January 06, 2015


Marland Yarde and Ben Botica sporting their Zaini hats!

Harlequins and Englands greatest players sporting their finest Zaini hats! Marland sporting his Macphie beanie and Ben his Wallace. Great choices boys!



August 19, 2014


Zaini hats on Dragons Den 2017!

After 2 auditions, 10 hours in a green room and countless 'run throughs' we were their in front of the 5 dragons - Britain's most powerful entrepreneurs pitching Zaini hats to them!

After hours of business grilling we held our own but sadly didn't make it out with Investment - The Dragons came close but eventually ruled themselves out - biggest mistake of their life? We think so! We had a great time filming and took away some useful advice and words of wisdom. Was great meeting them all and really enjoyed getting our business picked apart by the pro's. We stood our ground and have taken on board all their advice and as they said, 'keep doing what you are doing as its working'. 

BUY THEM HERE: http://zaini.com/collections/all



January 20, 2014


Northampton Saints / Zaini beanies RELEASED and sold out in a few hours! #saintsnation has gone #zaini!

Zaini teamed up with the legend Dylan Hartley to put together some Saints inspired Zaini beanies for the squad. Demand was so high from the fans that we got some together for the shop also!

So we put together more Saints inspired designs and got them to the Saints shop in January only for the to all sell out in a matter of hours - there was even a 'first time' queue on Monday morning for the hats!

Saints Beanie hats

December 13, 2013


Tim Visser, Scotland's Rugby Winger, recovers from injury in his Wallace Zaini beanie!

Tim Visser, Scotlands Rugby Winger recovers from a nasty leg injury and wears his Wallace beanie to lighten moods!

One of Scotland's legendary rugby player - Tim Visser - is currently recovering from an injury he endured this season. So we sent him a Zaini hat to cheer him up and it seems to have worked - best remedy!

Buy Tim's Wallace Zaini beanie here https://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/wallace/


tim Visser

November 17, 2013


Louie Walsh loving his Orkney Zaini hat whilst ice skating in London with his X-Factor contestants!

Louis Walsh - king of the X-factor judging panel - loving his Orkney beanie!

Louis Walsh, not one known for his fashion, was given a Zaini hat by Sam and the boys over the weekend for a trip to the ice skating ring and he LOVED it and worn it all night. They made a great choice with our ever popular Okrney beanie. Buy Louie's beanie here: https://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/orkney/ Check it out:

Louis Walsh

October 06, 2013


Northampton Saints, Dylan Hartley, commission some Zaini's for his full squad! Only the best for the best...

Our sponsor Dylan Hartley (Northampton Saints Captain and International Rugby Star) loved our hats so much he commissioned some for his whole team! The hats will only be available for squad members but hopefully soon we will be stocking their shop as well!

Come on the saints!

Fully image can be seen on our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/zainihats 


October 04, 2013


Clare Balding pop in at Burghley Horse Trials to grab some Xmas presents...

Clare Balding, recent OBE recipient, pops by our stall at Burghley Horse Trails before going on air. She reveals, 'I have heard so much about these hats so have come to get some Christmas presents'. FACT. Thanks Clare...


clare balding

June 28, 2013


Justin Lee Collins picks up a Zaini at BeachBreak Live!

Comedian Justin Lee Collins swings by our stall at BeachBreah Live and grabs him self one of our Zaini Wallace beanies. Which he proceeded to wear all day with pride! We also got the following email from his after he left: 'I love my Zaini beanie. It's barely been off my head. Good luck with the company. Thanks and all the best - JLC' Justin Lee Collins - 2013 Thanks Justin! Buy Justin's exact beanie here:
Justin Lee Collins with founder and owner at BeachBreak Live 2013
June 26, 2013


Alex Cuthbert sporting his Zaini's whilst on tour with the Lions....

Alex Cuthbert tweets us after receiving his Zaini hats all the way from Australia while on tour with the Lions squad. Alex is a Welsh winger and a world class rugby player. Glad he loves his Zaini's!



Alex Cuthbert - Welsh Winger and Lions Squad 2013. [/caption]

April 16, 2013


Made in Chelsea cast head to Verbier with their Zaini hats...

Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead and Andy Jordan were amongst some of the Made In Chelsea cast who headed out to Verbier last month for a week of luxury skiing, with some GREAT beanie hats!

Binky and Andy sported their Ness (click to buy) and Iona (click to buy) Zaini beanie all week and gave us plenty of airtime on the E4 Programme,


MIC in Verbier

While in Verbier the cast skiied and apres-ed at all the hot spots in and around the resort and looked like they had a blast from the episode which was aired on the 15th April 2013.

We're sure the cast will be hanging onto their Zaini beanies as this weather in the UK isn't much warmer that the Swiss Apls!

View our full range here: http://www.zaini.com/collections/all

April 15, 2013


Dylan Hartley spreads the Zaini love to his fellow team mates...

Dylan Hartley, England and Northampton Saints Hooker, recently became one of our sponsors and has since shared the Zaini beanie style with his fellow team mates!

Dylan loves his Zaini hats, they keep him warm and looking good in training and over the weekend he send us this photo of the Northampton Saint boys in the changing room after a session at their home ground. He's been spreading the love ever since he joined us and is a great brand representative!


Northampton Saint


Dylan plays full time for Northampton Saints and also England who he will be joining on their South America tour later in the Summer. Lets hope he takes his Zaini's with him!

Get the boys hats here: http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/

March 12, 2013


Michelle Keegan on her way to Radio 1 Studio's in her MacPhie Zaini beanie....

Michelle Keegan,  Britain's most photographed soap star, was keeping herself warm in her MacPhie Zaini beanie hat on the way to Radio 1's Breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw.

Michelle Keegan was making her way to the Radio 1 Studios this morning to appear on Grimmy's Radio 1 Breakfast Show and as it almost freezing she chose her Zaini to keep her warm for the day!

Get Michelles EXACT beanie here: http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/macphie/

Michelle is currently dating Mark Wright - so for those ladies out there - we can only hop he borrows it some day soon! The Macphie Zaini hat is one of our newest hats and the most popular so if no surprise Michelle chose thisone!

Here she is in the Radio 1 Studio:


And of course the Daily Mail were full of praises for her fashion choice:



March 01, 2013


Dylan Hartley, Englands Hooker, becomes a Zaini Sponsor!

We were chuffed too bits when Dylan Hartley loved the Zaini beanie hats we sent him and has since requested to be on our sponsor list!

It great too have Dylan joining the team and as an International rugby player is helping too spread the Zaini word across the globe. He's been spotted in his beanie in New Zealand and South Africa on

recent tours.


As England's best Hooker we can expect too see a lot more of Dylan!

  Get Dylans EXACT hat here: http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/orkney/

February 07, 2013


ELLE features our Iona beanie as 'What to wear too work' 2013

What ELLE Wears to Work...

From the editors to the interns, see what the ELLE team wears to work - and check out our Zaini Iona Beanie featured! We were chuffed when we got this article through about what the people in fashion wear too work and low and behold there was our very own Iona Beanie hat! Not only was it featured, it was featured and worn by the Fashion News Writer  - so she knows her stuff when it comes to fashion!


  Get the exact hat here:  http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/iona/ Worn by the Fashion News Write- Naomi Attwood. FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.elleuk.com/style/what-elle-wears/what-elle-wears-to-work4

February 05, 2013


The Essential Kit from the Top Brands

The Gentleman's Journal - an online hub - put our Comrie Zaini beanie hat at the top of their list. After reviewing many products they decided that for boys on the piste - this was the best option around. Fair enough.


  Check out the full article here: http://www.thegentlemansjournal.co.uk/skiing-what-to-wear/

October 24, 2012


Ella Henderson, X-factor's favorite to win spotted in her 'Wallace' Zaini

16 Year old Ella Henderson looks like she got a very bright future ahead of her as she plummets to success every week on the X-Factor. Well this week's rehersals showed Elle stepping out in her onsie and her 'Wallace Zaini hat' - one of our best sellers!




Ella looks relaxed and comfortable in the well fitted beanie hat by Zaini and we hope it helps keep her warm in the upcoming cold snap we're about to endure! Go Ella!

Click here to get Ella's hat!

October 22, 2012


Zaini beanie hats on the X-Factor 2012!

So anyone watch last Saturday nights X-Factor - along with the other 6 million people? You may have spotted the super popular District 3 boys chilling in the VT in their Zaini hats....looking reem we may add. Yes thats right District 3 - previously known as GMD3  - were rehearsing, chatting to Louis and walking around town in their favourite beanie hats - check it out:



Help them get to the final by voting for District 3 next week and their uber cool fashionable ski and beanie hats! You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with all their goings on and banter!

October 16, 2012


The 2012/13 season is upon us...BRING IT ON!

So its that time of year again with the ski shows only days away we're getting prepped for all the shows and events we have this year.  Packed with new beanies and new products we think this will be our best yet and we can't wait to get started. Firstly off to Glasgow SECC then down to London and back up to Birmingham then finally to Freeze festival in Battersea park - its going to be a whirlwind!



We'll be searching for reps in November so keep your eyes peel to our Facebook page for more details on that and other jobs in resort this season.  Apart from that we hope to see as many of you at the ski shows as possible! Zaini hats x

July 31, 2012


Zaini hats featured on the world's most popular trend spotting website...

Trend Hunter gave the ever growing Zaini trend a feature on their hugely popular site over the weekend.


 Trendhunter.com is a hugely well know, world wide trend setting website so we are thrilled to see Zaini up there! Letting the rest of the world know we're still the best beanies around.... Check out the full feature below: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/zaini - click here to ready full article.

July 12, 2012


Zaini hats @Wakestock 2012

Zaini hats headed over to Abersoch for the famous Wakestock festival last weekend.....and by god did it rain!

What a great weekend we had - despite the weather conditions! Site, tent and stall flooded on Friday but soon dried out for the weekend antics....! Thanks for everyone who popped by and got themselves some wristbands and tattoos.

We managed to get some beanie backstage to Ed Sheeran and Zane Lowe who both did awesome sets over the weekend. See you all next year for hopefully a less wet weekend!