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If you love being in nature and playing outdoor sports, you know how important your safety and protection equipment is. But just because something is useful and necessary, it does not mean that it has to be boring or ugly! Colourful, comfortable, and warm riding hat covers are perfect for your horse riding hat or skiing skull cap - because we know that you want to look your best on your horse or sliding down a French piste!


Finding the perfect riding hat cover for your needs is not always easy. So, we have created a quick guide to help you complete your outfit in no time. Check out the tips below!

What Are Riding Hat Covers?


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Riding hat covers are comfortable hats designed to be worn on top of your horse riding hat, cycling helmet, or skiing skull cap. Indeed, often these pieces of safety equipment come in dull, boring colours that will make you look like anybody else when on the piste or track. And, if you have opted for basic models, you might also find them not so fashionable. 

However, whatever your favourite sport is, you are bound to spend endless hours out there, playing, practising, and enjoying time outdoors. And, since you will be spending such a great amount of time on the field, you should look at your best!


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Riding hat covers or skiing helmet covers are colourful, fashionable, and extremely comfortable. So, you can wear them on top of your cap or helmet and enjoy their warmth. 

Aside from the fun part, riding hat covers, thanks to their bright colours and patterns, are also very useful if you are trying to make yourself more visible when out in nature. Indeed, when riding, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, you might be running several risks. Others might get in your way, or incidents can happen. In any way, being visible can help you be much safer and enjoy your time outdoors. 

When to Use Riding Hat Covers?

Riding hat covers can be used during your horse riding training or when you are planning a day out with friends. Some of the best ways to use riding hat covers include:

When you organize a skiing or cycling party, they can help you make yourself and the other members of your party visible.


During horse riding training, they can make wearing a helmet more fun. 


When teaching a group of kids, differently-coloured hats can help you recognize them


Hat covers should always be part of your little ones’ sports gear!


Why Use Horse Riding Hat Covers?

Horse riding hat covers are nothing new. If you have been in the crowd at a horse race, you have probably used the colours on their hat to identify them from a distance. However, even if you are not quite there yet, you can still add a splash of colour to your gear with a horse riding hat cover. 

By picking the right cover, you can make sure it matches your riding colours to create the perfect uniform. Unlike the classic lycra caps, for training, you might decide to pick a cover that is warmer, more fun to wear, and more fashionable - so why not add pom-poms?!

Riding Hat Covers: What Are Your Options?

Picking the right riding hat cover for your needs is not always easy. Indeed, they come in a variety of colours, materials, and styles. However, they all have the function of making you be more visible while riding your horse and make wearing safety equipment more fun. If you ride professionally, riding hat covers are often part of the uniform, so the audience always knows where you are. 

A Waterproof Riding Hat Cover to Enjoy Riding All Year Round

A waterproof riding hat cover is ideal if you often ride in the UK. Indeed, here, the days of clear skies and undisturbed sunshine are not many, but the rain or constant drizzle should not stop you from mounting your horse. Choosing a waterproof cover for your riding skull cap can help you stay dry and protect any high-quality piece of safety equipment underneath, such as a valuable riding skull cap.

A Fleece Riding Hat Cover for the Winter Months

If not even the winter season can stop you from riding every day, a fleece riding hat cover is all you need to stay warmer during a frosty morning. Fleece riding hat covers are the perfect additions to your winter riding equipment. Some models also boast an integrated face and hat cover. So, you can shield and protect your face, neck, and head from the cold and enjoy an even longer ride. 

Riding Hat Covers with Pom-Poms for Extra Fun

If you are just looking for a fashionable or fun addition to your otherwise serious uniform, a riding hat cover with pom-poms is all you need. You can find waterproof and fleece covers that boast pom-poms, so you don’t have to compromise between comfort and fashion. 

What to Look for in a Riding Hat Cover

Essentially, when picking the perfect skull cap or riding hat cover, you will just need to make sure that it fits outdoor conditions and your preferences. 

The three aspects to keep in mind are:

    • Colour and Details - you will want your riding hat cover to make you extra visible while on the piste on the riding track.

    • Material - depending on outdoor conditions, you might need a waterproof hat cover or one that can envelop your face, neck, and top of your shoulders.

  • Size And Fit - it is important for your riding hat cover to be snug and tight around your skull cap. Indeed, you don’t want to lose it or see it slide in front of your face while on horseback!

About Zaini Riding Hat Covers

If you have been checking out the classic riding hat covers, you know that there is not much on the market aside from standard lycra covers. 

That is why here at Zaini we have created a unique range of covers that will fit the needs and preferences of any riders or skiers. We have designed them keeping in mind that visibility, comfort, and warmth are paramount, but a touch of fashion can’t hurt!


So come join the Zaini family today and check out our range of Riding Hat Covers as well as our awesome range of Beanie and Booble Hats!

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