How to Be Cool


 how to be cool


What Does Cool Mean?



Is it ‘cause I’m cool?

Want to look cool, act cool, feel cool, and actually BE cool too?

What even IS cool?

Cool can have a lot of meanings.

As a behavioural characteristic, cool can be all about how you behave.

As a state of being, it can be about your cool and composed attitude towards life.

Aesthetically and fashion wise, cool can be about what you’re wearing and how you wear it!

There are many layers and categories of cool.

So, do you fit into any of them?



The Cool Quiz



Not sure if you’re a certified cool customer? Want to find out? How about taking this quiz and seeing how you rank in the World of Cool.  

If you’re really brave, you can share it with your friends and see who’s the coolest of them all!

Want to know a little secret on how to ace this quiz?

Read our tips n’ tricks on being cool below as a way of studying before your sit the test.


How to Act Cool



Now that we’ve explained what being cool is all about, you may be wondering how the hell do you ACT cool?

Well for those who are truly cool, there is no acting involved.

Fortunately for you, we’ve dipped into some wicked wisdom from right here on The Internet and we may just have found some answers for you.

If you’d like to know the common traits of cool cats, then click here and you’ll learn everything you need to know!


How to Look Cool



how to act cool


Okay so now you’re ACTING cool, but are you LOOKING cool?

We fear the answer to this one may be no unless you’ve bought our entire in-zaini-ly cool Zaini collection!

Some people are masters of being cool, but they haven’t yet mastered how to look cool.

So, here is a whopping 38 ways to LOOK cool that will guide you through cool kids’ i) cool clothes, ii) cool homeware, iii) cool vinyl record players, iv) cool notepads, v) cool tote bags, and much, much more cool stuff designed to make you look cool.

Honestly, if you’re not cool by the end of this, we just don’t know how to get you into the Kingdom of Cool.

Wait – we’re not done.

We’ve saved the best until last.

Think of this as the secret weapon in your cool toolbox.

You’re welcome.


Wanna Be Cool Every Day of the Year?



You now know what we mean when we say ‘be cool’ and you’re nearly ready to take the ‘How Cool Are You’ test but before you do, we want to show you how to be cool every day of the year.

Sounds tricky, right?

But no need to break a sweat about it – just be cool!

We’ll let you in on a secret.

Many say that Zaini Beanies are the birthplace of cool.

Where cool began.

All our creations are cool.

All our designs? Cool.

The way we’re a small business handcrafting the best beanies in Britain? That’s pretty cool too.

So, because we are the connoisseurs of cool, the coolness creators, certified cool by cool celebrities, the coolest clothing closet online, WE can help YOU be cool too.

Every day of the year.

How can we help?

With our beanie bobble hats, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Our styles are unique, bold, bright, and beautiful.

Made with only the coolest customers in mind. Customers like you!

Beanie bobble hats are one of the coolest accessories you can have in your wardrobe.

Think of surfers, skaters, skiers – all pretty cool right?

And what else do they have in common?

Zaini Beanies.

You know what else is cool?

The fact that we’ve rounded up three of our coolest choices for you right here, making it even easier for you to be cool.


Drum roll please... 


First up, its our Leven Fleece Lined Beanie Bobble Hat. Pink, blue and white striped with a beautiful white bobble on top. On the interior, fleece lining that will keep you feeling cosy on the inside while you look cool on the outside.


As with many of our beanies, you can see a whole host of famous faces wearing this one with pride!


Word of warning?


You may be mistaken for a celeb when styling your Leven Beanie.


Next, we’re introducing you to our Dougal Fleece Lined Beanie Bobble Hat.


With stripes of vibrant pink, green and white, you’ll light up any room!


The baggy style of our handcrafted Scottish beanies oozes coolness and this one is no exception.


Word of warning?


You may never want to take this one off!


If you want to cool it on the stripes for a while, we’ve got you covered with our Zetland Beanie Bobble Hat.


This one is a dark blue dream with an icing of bright pink for that extra pop of colour in your certified-cool wardrobe.


Unlike our Leven and Dougal beanies, this one is not fleece lined so if you’re a bit hot headed, Zetland is your perfect match!


Word of warning?


This is one of our most popular beanies, so don’t miss your opportunity to join the world of cool.

So, with no further ado, welcome to the World of Cool.

We hope that you will enjoy your newfound coolness.

Maybe you were cool before you read this?

Well, now you’re cooler than cool.

And what’s cooler than cool?

Ice cold.

And – our Zaini Beanies!

Now go take that test, challenge your friends and see which one of you is the King or Queen of Cool!

Shop Zaini today!




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