• Sadie Frost blogs about her Zaini hats....

    Sadie Frost shows her appreciation for Zaini hats in her blog in this months Harper Bazaar magazine. Sadie States:  'I also love www.zaini.com, they have some brightly coloured stripy woollen hats – they are great for presents and superb for yourself!'   Read the full article here: Sadie Front blogs about Zaini beanie hats
  • Henry Conway pick up on the growing Zaini fashion in his column this month...

    Henry Conway, a fashion writer, writes about Zaini beanie hats in his column this month: 'All I need now is a fleece-lined hand knitted cult bobble hat from Zaini, the Brainchild of a Scottish ski instructor. I could have done with one at the opening of Winter Wonderland…! No wardrobe should be without one….'    
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