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best beanie and bobble hats uk


Attention all beanie hat lovers! 


Are you a beanie hat fanatic? A bobble hat addict? Do you struggle to find your perfect hat match? 


Well if you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, maybe it’s time you joined the Zaini family? We think you’ll fit in nicely here!  


Zaini beanies are changing the beanie game! We are a small, independently owned, Scottish business who love to mix fun and fashion with our love for the great outdoors. 


We’re on a mission to banish drab colours and mass-made, poor quality material that itches


We’re not your average beanie makers. 


So, what’s different about us? 


Well, we’re here to turn all your beanie shopping pain points into a pleasure! We’ll do all the hard work to make your beanie shopping experience a breeze! 


Zaini beanies was born out of our love for colour, quality and comfort and our belief that a beanie can have all three qualities! Don’t you agree? 


Bright Bobble Hats


best bobble hats uk


We make beanies that are cool yet comfortable, cosy yet stylish and affordable yet high quality. If you’ve ever forked out a few pounds for a beanie that didn’t fit right and made your head itch, we’re here to save you from ever re-living that experience again! 


Want to know more about how we make affordable, quality, stylish and comfortable beanies that are a cut above the rest? Well, here’s a few examples of how we do things a little differently at Zaini. 


Handmade in the UK: Zaini


Every one of our Zaini beanies are carefully crocheted with love right here in Scotland. We believe that the best businesses are those which grow from a passion project and that’s exactly how Zaini founder, Miranda Harper, started out with her beanie creations.  


Miranda loves the outdoors and upon her return from a ski trip one year, she felt a little frustrated about the poor selection of beanies out there. This frustration combined with her love of crocheting was the magic mix that turned a hobby into a business. 


Miranda was on a mission – to craft the perfect beanie! She started crocheting her own beanies – using her now-signature bright and bold colours. They soon caught the attention of friends and family. Now everyone wanted a unique, fun beanie! 


This organically led Miranda to setting up Zaini so she could share her perfect beanie creations with everyone. It’s been a wild ride ever since! Attention to detail is key. Miranda takes pride in her work and the results speak for themselves (from glowing client reviews online, to countless photos of happy faces in their Zaini purchases splashed across Facebook and Instagram).   


Not only will you LOOK great (and be busy answering your friends when they’re quizzing you on where you got your beanie from!) but you’ll also FEEL great in knowing that you’re supporting a local, independent business that pours love into every creation. 


But how long will that feeling last? Well that brings us to our next point. (*spoiler alert* looks like that feeling is here to stay!) 


Durable & Fleece Lined Bobble Hats


It breaks our heart to think of all the time we’ve wasted searching for something that falls apart after a few washes. 


We won’t lie to you; we spend an inordinate amount of time picking out our threads. So, one thing we DO know is that once we’ve picked them out, we expect them to last! 


If you’re not a fan of fast fashion, then keep reading! 


Our beanies are built to last. 


It’s in-Zaini (sorry) how durable they are! The acrylic we use is extremely durable towards rain, snow and wind. 


Does your beanie need a wash after a muddy hike? No problem, just handwash at 40 degrees or below and your hat will be good as new. 


We like to have a lasting relationship with our beanies. We hope you do too. 


Non Itchy Beanie Hat: Comfort


What else makes Zaini so special? 




It is our solemn promise to you that we will never make you itch. We know you’ve been hurt before by itchy jumpers and cheap knits. We would never treat you that way. 


We are all about comfort and cosiness. That’s why we only use 100% acrylic yarn. Acrylic yarn is super soft and has a luxurious cashmere feel. This ensures a smooth, non-itchy experience for the wearer whilst also being super durable against outdoor conditions. It’s a win win!


At Zaini, we believe that comfort is king, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style for it. 


Which leads us to one of our favourite topics! 


Cool Beanie Hats: Style 


Do comfort and style ever go together? We think they should. They look good together! 


Have you seen the vibrant colours in our range of beanie hats? These fun beanies are designed to turn heads (maybe even garner some envious looks!) and brighten up your day! 


We are all about bright, bold, block colours that stand out from the crowd! Here at Zaini, we believe winter clothes do not need to be grey and summer threads can be as bright as the sun (well, nearly. We don’t want to blind you).


For all of these reasons, our beanies match every season. 


Speaking of style, we know you’re wondering ‘but where have I seen these beanies before?’. 


Well, you may have seen some of these public figures sporting them over the last few years. We’ve had quite the number of famous faces grace the halls of Zaini! Actors, musicians, comedians, sports stars and Olympic athletes have all been spotted bobbing about in our beanies. 


We love seeing our beanies in action! Our lovely customers have been busy sharing their Zaini beanie adventures on Instagram. We’ve seen our beanies go skiing, hiking, camping and even out walking canine companions. If you’re a fun-filled, adventurous spirit, we’ve got you covered. 


Best Bobble Hats: Zaini UK

So, if that hasn’t convinced you then we don’t know what will. Zaini beanies are simply the best beanies in the business. 

Are you ready to join the adventure? We think so!

Check out our awesome range of Beanie & Bobbles here!


zaini beanie and bobble hats bright bobble hats uk

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