Children’s Bobble Hats


What is a bobble Hat?

children's bobble hats

The bobble hat has been around for thousands of years, in various forms, throughout numerous cultures and donned many heads in its time. It has become one of the UK’s most beloved hats for all the family to wear. Whether its grandma rocking one as she waddles off to buy the groceries, mum on her way to work, or simply to keep the little one’s head warm whilst playing in the winter snow, the bobble hat is here, and it’s here to stay! 

So let’s have a little peek into the history of the infamous and well-loved bobble hat!

Bobble Hats: A Brief History

Some thousand years ago, bobble hats with the recognizable ball of wool or fur at the top were popular among the Vikings in Scandinavia

Viking god Freyr was the ruler of peace, fertility, rain and sunshine. So when archeologists discovered a statuette of him wearing a hat with a pom-pom, it was a clear sign of how important the pom-pom was in the Viking culture!  Who would have thought we would be discussing pom-poms and Viking culture in the same sentence!?

god freyr bobble hat

Centuries later, sailors and soldiers also wore hats with pom-poms to protect them from injuries during skirmishes and battles, and eventually, the pom-pom slowly made it’s way to our modern bobble hats!

The word pom-pom originates from the French word ‘pompon’. In the 1700s, the imposing Hussars, Hungarian cavalry, wore shakos as part of their uniforms. These were tall, structured caps. This impressive but heavy headgear caught the eye of regiments across Europe. Of course, as everyone had their own style and preferences, some decorated the shakos with metal plating, while others topped them with feathered plumage or a pom-pom. 

Proper pom-pom hats were particularly popular as part of military uniform among Napoleon’s infantry, where their colour denoted the company, soldiers belonged to. The first company used green, the second light blue, the third orange, and the fourth used violet.

childrens bobble hat

Bobble Hat vs. Beanie Hat

Your best companion against the bitter winter is the trusted bobble hat. But many people also wear beanies. So what are the differences? 

Bobbles, as we’ve seen, have the pom-pom on top which makes them just that little bit cuter. 

Beanie hats, however, fit closely to the head and have no elements that stick out, either on top or on the side. Sometimes they can have a cuff that you can fold up, while other beanies don’t. 

Bobble hats often are a bit looser, more slouching, and generally fluffier and baggier than beanies, and don’t necessarily wrap tight around the head.

So beanie or bobble, there isn’t much between the two, so here at Zaini we say build up a collection of both styles! 

Whichever beanie or bobble hat you choose to wear, either through the summer or winter months, you know you’re getting a comfortable, cute and trendy accessory that will keep you warm and stylish.


What style of Bobble Hats are there?

Just like beanies, bobble hats also come in different styles. Here is a few of them: 

  1. Cuffed bobble hat. With the cuff giving an extra layer around your forehead, ears and the back of your head, even the bitter cold can’t stop you! 

  1. The slouch bobble hat. The slouch bobble hat has no cuffed brim. It comes with a longer style that practically sits on top of your ears and has some extra materials that slouch down towards the back of the ears. And of course, the inevitable pom-pom at the top! 

  1. High-top bobble hat. The pom-pom usually doesn’t come at the very center-top of your head - so that’s why we have high-top bobble hats for! If you just love the little ball of fur and want to proudly show it to the world, this is the hat for you. 

Can Children wear Bobble Hats?

Fun, Bold and Adventurous

Of course they can! Children love bobble hats for their cuteness and comfort. In many ways, the quirky and unique style of bobble hats reflects the spirit of children, fun, bold and adventurous!

Kids’ beanie hats and kids’ bobble hats are as popular as ever. Kids love the colourful designs and the soft materials they are made of these days. And when they can find beanies and bobbles that don’t itch, they’re in for a treat! 

Children’s Bobble Hats UK 

No Itching or Irritating the Little Heads: Zaini 

There are several manufacturers of children’s bobble hats in the UK. Some offer animal bobbles, others offer a broad range of designs. Here at Zaini, we make durable, high-quality children’s bobble hats in all colours and styles. And most importantly - the soft acrylic we use means no itching or irritating the little heads!

Zaini also designs personalised hats in your favorite sports team’s colours. 

Want to get a Chelsea FC bobble hat for your kid? Just let us know! Our hats are perfect for children supporting their favorite football teams. Kids can show their love for the team with a cool hat, and the cool hat will keep them dry, warm and looking stylish all year long.


Children’s Knitted Bobble Hats

Made with Passion, Dedication and Love

At Zaini, we care about every single hat we make, and even more so when it comes to children’s hats. Zaini’s very own founder, Miranda, knitted her own bobbles and beanies well before she started Zaini, and has continued to do so. 

All Zaini’s hats are knitted using our special soft acrylic yarn. They’re not only made to keep you and your kids warm and dry but they’re made with passion, dedication and love. 

Personalised and Custom Children’s Bobble Hats

Custom-Designed Bobble Hats

Are you sick of black and grey bobble hats? Wouldn’t you love to break the winter monotony, and NOT contribute to it further? You’re in the right place! 

Here at Zaini you can order a custom-designed bobble hat for yourself, your friends and family. Choose the colours, choose your style and let us know how many you need, and that’s it! 

You can also create your own bobble and beanie hats as little gifts for your clients or employees - and we’ll put your logo on the tag. 

And if you want to celebrate your favorite football or rugby team, we’re right here for you! Get a cool, trendy, comfortable hat that will keep you warm for years to come, all while showing your love and dedication for your team!

Join the Zaini tribe today!


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