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Did you know that we lose about 10% of body heat through the head? And what’s more, this goes up considerably more in colder temperatures. So before winter arrives and before we head off on that family trip to the Alps or the Pyrenees, it’s crucial that we pick the right hat for you and your family, so you can keep your heads and just as importantly, your ears warm on your winter journey!


Ski Bobble Hats: A Brief History


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Skiing has been around for a pretty long time, and in the last few decades has certainly become one of the world’s most loved winter sports. At first, skiing simply started out as a method of transportation, and an effective way to travel across snowy lands. Amazingly, the oldest ski artifacts date from over 10,000 years ago, and discovered near Lake Sindor in Russia. Pretty mind-blowing!

Although people used skis for transportation at first, they would soon come to realise how much easier they made movement and long journeys over frozen wetlands and even started hunting for reindeer, elk and other game using ski technology. 

As the years passed on in countries such as Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Poland, skis started to be used for military purposes too. This continued well into the 20th century and even served their purpose in both World War I and World War II, most particularly during the battle between the Germans and the Russians in wild icy tundras.

However, it was actually as far back as the 1840s that skiing started to become the popular sport we know and love today. The first skiing competitions began around this time and they quickly helped the sport solidify itself as one of the most popular Olympic sports the world had ever seen. 

Of course, skiing is unimaginable without proper equipment. Apart from the obvious - skis - you need ski poles, ski boots, ski jackest and pants, base layers and ski gloves… And of course, a ski hat. 

Ski Bobble Hats for Men


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Let’s face it, men love a good ski bobble hat! Not only does your bobble hat keep you warm on the slopes but it’s gotta look cool and it’s gotta match your outfit! There isn’t much difference between ski bobble hats for men and women in general, we all know that men are a little bigger headed than women in general [wink wink] but bobble hats unlike perhaps a beanie hat are generally baggier and larger, so one size fits all in many ways.

You may find that when shopping for a ski bobble hat for men, the range of colors are often a bit limited. But here at Zaini, we know that men love to wear bold, bright and standout colors as much as women in this day and age, and guess what? Psychedelic pink for men is in this winter, so shop with Zaini today for the perfect ski beanie bobble hat here!

Zaini strives to give men the chance to get hats in as many colors and designs they like!


Ski Bobble Hats for Women

Here at Zaini, our founder, Miranda Harper, is an avid skier herself. Many years ago, she was so annoyed that she couldn’t find a ski bobble hat that was colorful, warm, cute, and cool that she decided to make one herself! 

And to her surprise, people loved her hat designs!. She made more, everyone spread the word and that’s how Zaini came to be! 

Just like for men, when choosing a ski bobble hat for a women, well the worlds your bobble hat! 

Pick a hat that fits your style, are you a bit rocky? A bit Jazz? Or you want bright, fluffy and pink? Whatever your flavour, whatever your style, bobble hats are designed to have fun with.

We can assure you that, the Zaini team each have multiple bobble hats in their collections, and their collections keep growing!


Best Ski Bobble Hats

You can find a great variety of ski bobble hats in the UK. First, you need to know what you’re looking for. 

The best ski bobble hat you can choose will offer protection both from water and the cold. Are your ears constantly cold? Well, you will want to be looking at an ear-flapped bobble hat. 

Do you get overheated when you slide down the slopes? Choose a bobble hat that is breathable and nonitchy. There is nothing worse than having to stop mid-run to itch your head!

Does wearing a helmet make you feel safer when you ski? Consider your beanie hat options, as they often fit snugly to your head and easily allow for a ski helmet to fit over the top.

Beanies vs. Bobble Hats

So Beanie or Booble hat? A beanie may be a better choice if the helmet is mandatory for you. But if you love skiing without one, a ski bobble hat will look wonderfully stylish on you! 

Both beanies and bobble hats can be durable, water-proof and high-quality accessories that never go out of style. You can actually get both types of hats and switch from wearing one to the other as you see fit!


Best Ski Beanies 

When looking for men’s ski hats, you’ll want to make sure it meets your criteria of “the best”. Especially if you’re looking for a beanie, which goes over your forehead and ears, you will want to choose a hat that’s non-itchy. Who has the time to scratch their head while swooshing down the slopes, right? At the same time, you’ll need something to keep you warm, and hopefully distinguish you from the rest of the skiers. Standing out from the crowd is awesome - and Zaini made it even easier with it’s bright bobble hats and wild choice of designs.

Our durable, high-quality trendy ski beanies will never let you go unnoticed, and they’ll be your best friends in the cold, on those wild winter ski slopes and on any journey you choose across snowy tundras or wild frontiers!

Come Join the Zaini Tribe Today!


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