• Zaini hats on Dragons Den 2017!

    After 2 auditions, 10 hours in a green room and countless 'run throughs' we were their in front of the 5 dragons - Britain's most powerful entrepreneurs pitching Zaini hats to them! After hours of business grilling we held our own but sadly didn't make it out with Investment - The Dragons came close but eventually ruled themselves out - biggest mistake of their life?...
  • Louie Walsh loving his Orkney Zaini hat whilst ice skating in London with his X-Factor contestants!

    Louis Walsh - king of the X-factor judging panel - loving his Orkney beanie! Louis Walsh, not one known for his fashion, was given a Zaini hat by Sam and the boys over the weekend for a trip to the ice skating ring and he LOVED it and worn it all night. They made a great choice with our ever popular Okrney beanie. Buy...
  • Justin Lee Collins picks up a Zaini at BeachBreak Live!

    Comedian Justin Lee Collins swings by our stall at BeachBreah Live and grabs him self one of our Zaini Wallace beanies. Which he proceeded to wear all day with pride! We also got the following email from his after he left: 'I love my Zaini beanie. It's barely been off my head. Good luck with the company. Thanks and all the best - JLC'...
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