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Zaini proudly sponsor Team Evolution this season and here's what they have to say about us and our beanie hats:


This season for Team Evolution has been a warm one for us despite it currently being -20 on the pistes for our first run in the mornings. It’s all thanks to Zaini hats for supplying us with some rather cool hats for us to wear whilst doing what we do best, skiing fast! Our personalized Scarba hats and Seal headbands really do turn heads and have become an essential piece of kit for all Team Evolution athletes.Zaini is all about adding individuality, fun and colour to the lives of those wearing Zaini.
We at Team Evolution certainly never stop having fun! Yannick Green, Communications Director of Team Evolution has said, “Our minis to high flying juniors and coaching staff have commented on how well made the hats are, comfort and warmth of the products. Whether they be the hats or the headbands Zaini products are the headwear of choice by Team Evolution athletes.”Team Evolution works as part of a structured, professional Alpine Academy programme, whilst providing educational support and personal development.
The Team Evolution setup supplies unique and flexible annual training programmes to committed athletes, running individual programmes for mini's, children and junior racers. All programmes are individually designed to fit the needs of the athlete, and are based upon the Team Evolution philosophies, with proven results. Dependent on the goals of the trainee, execution of these programmes can vary from a minimum 10 week period, to supporting and mentoring athletes on a full-time basis over the course of several years.
Its no surprise that some of our athletes for the 2011/12 season are members of National Team programmes, and all are on the performance pathway towards achieving their specific athletic goals, whilst maintaining exceptional educational grades.
In a sport such as Alpine Skiing, which is just as mentally tough as physically demanding Zaini hats offer the comfort for Team Evolution when out and about and we are ever grateful to be wearing the hats and headbands this year!



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Team Evolution train some of the best young snow-sports competitors in the world, above we can see Max Baggio, Max Moss and Darcie Mead who are all names to watch out for. The have a handful of elite children and mini's who are all rising stars swell and we are super proud to support and sponsor the team. Full details on Team Evolution can be seen on their website:

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