What you think of Zaini...

“Your story is such an inspiration and I love your hats! I heard you sold 7 in the first half an hour at an outlet in Aviemore – that’s fantastic!”


“Much love for Zaini hats :)”


“Amazing ZAINI slippers. Simply loving living in them."


"BEST HATS EVER! I will never wear any other hats!"


“Love your products! Came across them boarding in France in my White lines magazine and planning to order a new hat on pay day! Best of luck. :o)”


“I love these hats.”


“lovin the zaini hats! “


“I love the hats, perfect for when skiing!”


“I got the blue & yellow one as a prezzie from a friend. Wow I love it. First hat I ever looked good in.”


“Got one today, now I want one in every colour – love em.”


“Fab website!!!!!!”


“LOVE THEM! I will buy some when I am back in December.”


“This is BRILLIANT. Know where I shall be doing my Christmas shopping.”


“Woah! Your site was launched yesterday and I’ve bought a baggy beanie already. Awesome so far, keep it coming.”


“Bought a couple of hats @ secc, they are awsome looking forward to more products soon.”


“Loving my new Zaini hat (pink and white) picked it up at the Ski and Board show at the weekend. Awesome.”


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