• Sue's Story

    Sue's Story

    Sue Wilson – a 51-year-old, mum of two living in New Malden – is a year-round skin swimmer here in the UK. Yes, that means she has swum in water temperatures as low as 2°C! In the last year she has qualified as an STA open water coach, and is now a Swim England level 2 swim teacher too. She also works part time...
  • Leanne and Sabrina's Story

    Leanne and Sabrina's Story

    She rOars and their Atlantic Ocean dream She rOars is a dynamic rowing duo who have set their sights on rowing the Atlantic Ocean in 2023. Currently residing in Scotland, Leanne Maiden grew up in South Africa, moving to the UK in 2005, and Sabrina Faith was born and raised in Canada before packing her bags for Scotland in 1999. These are not small...
  • Dave's Story

    Dave's Story

    After fifteen years of globe-hopping adventures with his wife, Dave and Em have both decided to start putting down some roots in the shape of a renewables-powered campsite with a small herd of alpacas. To Dave life has always felt a bit experimental and, led by a desperate desire to never end up as a bad graphic designer again, it felt like the right...
  • Victoria's Story

    Victoria's Story

        As an active 35-year-old mum to her beautiful 3-year-old Matilda and having received a breast cancer diagnosis 18 months ago, Victoria really understands the importance of staying active and prioritising a healthy lifestyle with loved ones, especially when times become challenging. Having always been into fitness, she knew that post-diagnosis it was as important as ever to stay active despite lockdown restrictions....
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