Zaini welcome Squash Falconer as one of our sponsors....


Squash Falconer explains of her recent collaboration with Zaini ski hats

A couple of years ago I was at the London Ski Show and my sister appeared with a fantastic beanie. She had just purchased it from a girl who was standing at the show with her own brand of hand-made beanie hats.

It was a Zaini hat. In the months following, particularly when I was in the Alps, I saw a lot more of these bright and colourful beanies.. Then last year at the Ski Show I went to visit the much larger Zaini stand and was really pleased to meet Miranda Harper โ€“ the woman behind the beanie! I love stories like this. Miranda through hard work, commitment, passion and determination created her own successful business. She went for it and now look at where she is. I also love that it was her Grandma who taught her to crochet hats in the first place and who was there to help when the orders came flying in. A Zaini beanie became my hat of choice and now to my delight I am working with Miranda and her hats will be joining me, not only on my future adventures, but also regularly on my head day to day โ€ฆ because theyโ€™re really cool and I love wearing them!

We welcome Squash on board and are very excited about supporting all her amazing adventures. Squash has not only climbed Mount Everest but also paraglided off Mount Blanc and is the worlds highest ever bum boarder!

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