JLS launch their upcoming UK tour in their Zaini beanie hats...


 So on Monday the Zaini hats team all went to meet JLS for a quick photoshoot with their favourite beanie hats.

They loved them so much the first time we sent some across, they invited us to their studio to get some more photos of them in their Zaini beanies. Aston, Marvin, JB and Ortise were all loving the Zaini style alongside there questionable adult baby grows (!).....



The JLS boys were rehearsing for their upcoming UK tour and took to the stage in their Zaini hats alongside there wonderful backing dancers:
Get the 'JLS' look here : www.zaini.com/products-page/  and browse our full range of products.  We wish the boys the best with their tour - it sure looks pretty good in rehearsals....!

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