April 16, 2013


About Zaini Hats

Zaini hats, the brand, launched as a result of an impossibility to find a comfy, colourful and stylish enough beanie bobble hat.  Scottish ski instructor, Miranda Harper, turned to making her own whilst in the resort of Haute Nendaz, Switzerland in 2010. No beanie or bobble hat was baggy or bright enough for her style, so she made her own to fit her fashion needs on the slopes. The trend was quick to catch on and suddenly everyone wanted one of these hats...

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Made in Chelsea cast head to Verbier with their Zaini hats...

Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead and Andy Jordan were amongst some of the Made In Chelsea cast who headed out to Verbier last month for a week of luxury skiing, with some GREAT beanie hats!

Binky and Andy sported their Ness (click to buy) and Iona (click to buy) Zaini beanie all week and gave us plenty of airtime on the E4 Programme,


MIC in Verbier

While in Verbier the cast skiied and apres-ed at all the hot spots in and around the resort and looked like they had a blast from the episode which was aired on the 15th April 2013.

We're sure the cast will be hanging onto their Zaini beanies as this weather in the UK isn't much warmer that the Swiss Apls!

View our full range here: http://www.zaini.com/collections/all

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