October 02, 2011


About Zaini Hats

Zaini hats, the brand, launched as a result of an impossibility to find a comfy, colourful and stylish enough beanie bobble hat.  Scottish ski instructor, Miranda Harper, turned to making her own whilst in the resort of Haute Nendaz, Switzerland in 2010. No beanie or bobble hat was baggy or bright enough for her style, so she made her own to fit her fashion needs on the slopes. The trend was quick to catch on and suddenly everyone wanted one of these hats...

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Zaini hats supports 'Hats for Heroes' for the coming winter in Afghanistan.

Zaini hats heard about the charity ' hats for heroes' last week and was super keen to get involved and help out in anyway we could. Hats for heroes, basically started a year or so ago when there was a notice in the local paper about sending goody boxes out to the troops in Afghanistan with sweets, chocolates, toiletries etc So Tina (the founder) contacted her local TA barracks to see if they could help  - then in October last year she had her lightbulb moment - how about putting a beanie hat with each box that went out which rapidly changed to how about sending out boxes of hats. It has been an overwhelming success - She started out with an initial aim of sending out 500 hats but had received over 1000 by January. So far they have sent out the bulk of the hats and they have gone to Welsh Transport Regiment, 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh, Welsh Gunners, Royal Irish Regiment, 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment and the Defence Medical Welfare Service. So far she have received over 2200 for the September delivery and that number seems to be rising daily. Us at Zaini hats happily donated 70 hats to the cause which will be shipped out to the troops this month. As winter approaches it is the least we could do.... Waiting on some photos of the happy troops in there Zaini hats out in Afghanistan. Any knitters or crocheters out there who want to get involved in any way just get in touch with Tina at tinas.selby@ntlworld.com Zaini hats x

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