March 13, 2012


JLS launch their upcoming UK tour in their Zaini beanie hats...

 So on Monday the Zaini hats team all went to meet JLS for a quick photoshoot with their favourite beanie hats.

They loved them so much the first time we sent some across, they invited us to their studio to get some more photos of them in their Zaini beanies. Aston, Marvin, JB and Ortise were all loving the Zaini style alongside there questionable adult baby grows (!).....



The JLS boys were rehearsing for their upcoming UK tour and took to the stage in their Zaini hats alongside there wonderful backing dancers:
Get the 'JLS' look here :  and browse our full range of products.  We wish the boys the best with their tour - it sure looks pretty good in rehearsals....!
February 28, 2012


Louis Tomlinson looking great in his 'Lomond' Zaini....

Louis, from One Direction, spotted wearing his Zaini knitted hat out and about....


After the One Direction boys won their first Brit award earlier this month its been non-stop for them, but we are glad to see Louis celebrating in his favourite beanie hat, Lomond.


Congrats boys and make if you want to get the 'Louis Tomlinson' look then check out our shop here: and get Louis's EXACT hat here:
January 24, 2012


Sadie Frost blogs about her Zaini hats....

Sadie Frost shows her appreciation for Zaini hats in her blog in this months Harper Bazaar magazine.

Sadie States:  'I also love, they have some brightly coloured stripy woollen hats – they are great for presents and superb for yourself!'


Read the full article here: Sadie Front blogs about Zaini beanie hats

January 16, 2012


Team Evolution's testimonial on Zaini...

Zaini proudly sponsor Team Evolution this season and here's what they have to say about us and our beanie hats:


This season for Team Evolution has been a warm one for us despite it currently being -20 on the pistes for our first run in the mornings. It’s all thanks to Zaini hats for supplying us with some rather cool hats for us to wear whilst doing what we do best, skiing fast! Our personalized Scarba hats and Seal headbands really do turn heads and have become an essential piece of kit for all Team Evolution athletes.Zaini is all about adding individuality, fun and colour to the lives of those wearing Zaini.
We at Team Evolution certainly never stop having fun! Yannick Green, Communications Director of Team Evolution has said, “Our minis to high flying juniors and coaching staff have commented on how well made the hats are, comfort and warmth of the products. Whether they be the hats or the headbands Zaini products are the headwear of choice by Team Evolution athletes.”Team Evolution works as part of a structured, professional Alpine Academy programme, whilst providing educational support and personal development.
The Team Evolution setup supplies unique and flexible annual training programmes to committed athletes, running individual programmes for mini's, children and junior racers. All programmes are individually designed to fit the needs of the athlete, and are based upon the Team Evolution philosophies, with proven results. Dependent on the goals of the trainee, execution of these programmes can vary from a minimum 10 week period, to supporting and mentoring athletes on a full-time basis over the course of several years.
Its no surprise that some of our athletes for the 2011/12 season are members of National Team programmes, and all are on the performance pathway towards achieving their specific athletic goals, whilst maintaining exceptional educational grades.
In a sport such as Alpine Skiing, which is just as mentally tough as physically demanding Zaini hats offer the comfort for Team Evolution when out and about and we are ever grateful to be wearing the hats and headbands this year!



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hatsbeanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hatsbeanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hatsbeanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Team Evolution train some of the best young snow-sports competitors in the world, above we can see Max Baggio, Max Moss and Darcie Mead who are all names to watch out for. The have a handful of elite children and mini's who are all rising stars swell and we are super proud to support and sponsor the team. Full details on Team Evolution can be seen on their website:

January 13, 2012


Henry Conway pick up on the growing Zaini fashion in his column this month...

Henry Conway, a fashion writer, writes about Zaini beanie hats in his column this month:

'All I need now is a fleece-lined hand knitted cult bobble hat from Zaini, the Brainchild of a Scottish ski instructor. I could have done with one at the opening of Winter Wonderland…! No wardrobe should be without one….'



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

January 07, 2012


Zaini features in the Guardian as one of the 'Best Bobble Hats' around....

 Best Bobble Hats!

Zaini's 'Raasay' hat design was featured in the Guardian this month as one of the best bobble hats around! Image below and full article link at bottom of page.


beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Full article here: The Guardian

December 27, 2011


'Home for the Holidays' ITV gameshow features Zaini hats....

New TV Show hosted by Vernon Kay features Zaini beanie hats in its final task on Christmas Eve.  



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

To get us all in the mood on Christmas Eve our fabulous hats were featured on the new gameshow, Home for the Holidays, presented by Vernon Kay. Fashionably stretched over their safety helmets showing the versatility of our bobble hats!
December 19, 2011


Zaini gets some coverage in the US...

The Huffington Post picks up on the growing Zaini trend in America. 'On a similar snuggly note, these slouchy-knit, boy band fav Zaini hats that JLS et al are rarely seen without, are a great unisex accessory and as they're acrylic, not only are they totally affordable but you can remove all traces of your sneaky loan by bunging them straight in the washing machine' We are going global!  
December 15, 2011


JB from UK Boyband sensation JLS keeping warm in his Zaini....

The JLS boys were sporting their Zaini beanie hats behind the scenes of last weeks X-Factor after party. Bandmate JB here chilling in his 'Lomond' Zaini hat.



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats


Get JB's EXACT hat here:


December 13, 2011


Vogue spots the growing trend of Zaini hats....

Vogue featured Zaini beanie hats,

Vogue picks up on the Zaini trend in this weeks online fashion news,



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Read the full article here:
November 25, 2011


UK Biggest boy band, One Direction, in Zaini hats...

Louis Tomlinson gets his head in the game with his Zaini beanie hat!

On Wednesday night's TV documentary we spotted Louis Tomlinson from the hottest boy band of the moment, One Direction, messing around in his 'Lomond' Zaini hat.



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Alongside his 'Onesie' Louise sure knows a thing or two about fashion....
November 22, 2011


Where Zaini reps will be this winter....

Zaini has finalised all our rep positions for the coming season. All our reps will be selling and promoting Zaini hats and ski headbands from resort directly for you. You get to try colours/style on to find the perfect fit and purchase there and then. EASY The following resorts will all be packed with Zaini hats and reps ready and waiting for the season...



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Bring a Zaini (or 2) back with you.....!
November 14, 2011


Zaini hats in the Sunday Mirror....

Who saw our beanie hats in the Mirror this weekend?

Zaini hats makes an appearance in the 'Celebs on Sunday'  supplement of the Sunday Mirror this weekend. Images below:



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats


beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

November 10, 2011


Zaini Kids officially launched....

Due to huge demand we have just launched our Zaini Kids hats range and we are in time for Christmas shopping!

Same style and design, just for little ones ranging from 1-10 years old. Have a browse and BUY at our new kids website here: 



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats, kids hats, kids beanies

October 25, 2011


Charlie Simpson performing live in his Zaini hat.

Charlie Simpson filmed performing at the America Cup in his Grey/Dark Grey Zaini hat.

Charlie bought himself a Zaini hat whilst he was at Boardmasters over the summer.



Charlie has been spotted numerous times sporting his Zaini hat around the place, especially when he performs! If you have seen Charlie in his hat send us photos to:  

October 20, 2011


Binky and Ollie Locke, from Made in Chelsea, keeping cosy in their Zaini's...

Binky and Ollie locke, stars of Made in Chelsea, out and about in London sporting their Zaini beanie hats:



To watch them in action tune into Made in Chelsea on Channel 4, Sundays nights at 10pm.


Get Binky's look here: SHOP NOW

Get Ollie's look here: SHOP NOW

October 17, 2011


Zaini hats in the BIG BROTHER house 2011!

Last week the Big Brother housemates embarked on a snow themed task and to assist with their outfits were Zaini ski hats. Harry, Aden, Faye, Aaron and Jen all sported their Zaini's......




October 14, 2011


Brix Smart loving her Zaini hat this season...

Brix Smart sporting here ‘Iona’ Zaini beanie hat. Brix Smart, a regular on Gok's fashion fix loving her 'Iona' Zaini hat. Brix makes the rules in fashion so listen up.....
October 02, 2011


Cheska from 'Made in Chelsea' spotted in her Zaini hat around London......

Cheska from 'Made in Chelsea' spotted in her Zaini beanie hat around London

Cheska Hull sporting her Zaini hat! 'I want one in every colour!xxx' Cheska - Made in Chelsea
October 02, 2011


Zaini hats supports 'Hats for Heroes' for the coming winter in Afghanistan.

Zaini hats heard about the charity ' hats for heroes' last week and was super keen to get involved and help out in anyway we could. Hats for heroes, basically started a year or so ago when there was a notice in the local paper about sending goody boxes out to the troops in Afghanistan with sweets, chocolates, toiletries etc So Tina (the founder) contacted her local TA barracks to see if they could help  - then in October last year she had her lightbulb moment - how about putting a beanie hat with each box that went out which rapidly changed to how about sending out boxes of hats. It has been an overwhelming success - She started out with an initial aim of sending out 500 hats but had received over 1000 by January. So far they have sent out the bulk of the hats and they have gone to Welsh Transport Regiment, 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh, Welsh Gunners, Royal Irish Regiment, 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment and the Defence Medical Welfare Service. So far she have received over 2200 for the September delivery and that number seems to be rising daily. Us at Zaini hats happily donated 70 hats to the cause which will be shipped out to the troops this month. As winter approaches it is the least we could do.... Waiting on some photos of the happy troops in there Zaini hats out in Afghanistan. Any knitters or crocheters out there who want to get involved in any way just get in touch with Tina at Zaini hats x