February 05, 2013


The Essential Kit from the Top Brands

The Gentleman's Journal - an online hub - put our Comrie Zaini beanie hat at the top of their list. After reviewing many products they decided that for boys on the piste - this was the best option around. Fair enough.


  Check out the full article here: http://www.thegentlemansjournal.co.uk/skiing-what-to-wear/

October 24, 2012


Ella Henderson, X-factor's favorite to win spotted in her 'Wallace' Zaini

16 Year old Ella Henderson looks like she got a very bright future ahead of her as she plummets to success every week on the X-Factor. Well this week's rehersals showed Elle stepping out in her onsie and her 'Wallace Zaini hat' - one of our best sellers!




Ella looks relaxed and comfortable in the well fitted beanie hat by Zaini and we hope it helps keep her warm in the upcoming cold snap we're about to endure! Go Ella!

Click here to get Ella's hat!

October 22, 2012


Zaini beanie hats on the X-Factor 2012!

So anyone watch last Saturday nights X-Factor - along with the other 6 million people? You may have spotted the super popular District 3 boys chilling in the VT in their Zaini hats....looking reem we may add. Yes thats right District 3 - previously known as GMD3  - were rehearsing, chatting to Louis and walking around town in their favourite beanie hats - check it out:



Help them get to the final by voting for District 3 next week and their uber cool fashionable ski and beanie hats! You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with all their goings on and banter!

October 16, 2012


The 2012/13 season is upon us...BRING IT ON!

So its that time of year again with the ski shows only days away we're getting prepped for all the shows and events we have this year.  Packed with new beanies and new products we think this will be our best yet and we can't wait to get started. Firstly off to Glasgow SECC then down to London and back up to Birmingham then finally to Freeze festival in Battersea park - its going to be a whirlwind!



We'll be searching for reps in November so keep your eyes peel to our Facebook page for more details on that and other jobs in resort this season.  Apart from that we hope to see as many of you at the ski shows as possible! Zaini hats x

July 31, 2012


Zaini hats featured on the world's most popular trend spotting website...

Trend Hunter gave the ever growing Zaini trend a feature on their hugely popular site over the weekend.


 Trendhunter.com is a hugely well know, world wide trend setting website so we are thrilled to see Zaini up there! Letting the rest of the world know we're still the best beanies around.... Check out the full feature below: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/zaini - click here to ready full article.

July 12, 2012


Zaini hats @Wakestock 2012

Zaini hats headed over to Abersoch for the famous Wakestock festival last weekend.....and by god did it rain!

What a great weekend we had - despite the weather conditions! Site, tent and stall flooded on Friday but soon dried out for the weekend antics....! Thanks for everyone who popped by and got themselves some wristbands and tattoos.

We managed to get some beanie backstage to Ed Sheeran and Zane Lowe who both did awesome sets over the weekend. See you all next year for hopefully a less wet weekend!    

June 28, 2012


Zaini hats in the BB house AGAIN!

Big Brother on Channel 5 kick started about a month ago and boy did it hit our screens with a BANG.

13 new housemates, new house and all sorts of shenanigans going on already. Our 'fav' housemate, Conor, took in a couple of beanies with him and it just so happened one of them was our very own 'Gigha' Zaini hat. Get in....

And even when he wasn't wearing it - he had it hung up nicely behind his bed as below:

Good Luck Conor - we're all rooting for you!

June 20, 2012


Beach Break Live 2012

Zaini hats headed down to Wales this weekend to set up shop at one of the largest student festival - Beach Break Live 2012.

Despite the rain and wind  - the festival goers were still in good spirit and thanks to everyone who popped by our stall to get their Zaini hat! Photos below:

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and see you all next year!

May 11, 2012


Alan Carr, Britain's most popular comedian, tweets about his Zaini hat....

Alan Carr tweets a photo of himself in his new Zaini hat this morning! Alan has recently become another celeb follower of the Zaini beanie hat brand.

Alan states on Twitter , 'I know it makes me look chubby but I love my new hat' and then leads on to ask his followers if the Pink and White 'Ness' would be too much! Alan is much loved throughout the UK for his hilarious Chatty Man which is back on our screens at the moment.  We heart Alan Carr. To buy Alan's exact hat, click here!
May 01, 2012


The Dolly Rockers huge fans of their Zaini's...

The UK's newest girl band - The Dolly Rockers - got their Zaini hats last week and immediately took to twitter to rave about them.

'Thanks for the beanies! In love with mine...actually wearing it today #dollyrockerstyle' 'Thank you ZAINIhats for my new hat! Love it! xx' The Girls stated their excitement on twitter and uploaded some super photos of them having a 'Mad Hatter' party which can be seen here! Be sure to keep an eye on this band.... and check them out on youtube - click for their version of Justin Beiber's 'Boyfriend'. Want the girls look? Click here to BUY!
April 18, 2012


Eleanor Calder tweets photo in her Zaini slippers whilst skiing...

Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's GF, tweeted a lovely photo of the two of them on a recent skiing trip and she was sporting her favourite chill out gear - Zaini slippers.

Eleanor tweeted: 'There slippers from @zainihats' after a fan asked where she got them from.  Get the exact pair here: www.zaini.com/products-page/slippers
April 03, 2012


Aston in his 'Lomond' Zaini beanie hat on Daybreak.

Aston, from JLS, was sporting his Zaini beanie hat through a backstage interview with Daybreak last week.



Aston keep warm during rehearsal in his Zaini beanie hat. Check out the full interview here: Daybreak
The JLS boys also appeared in The Sun newspaper recently sporting their Zaini beanie hats. They can't seem to take them off! Get Aston's EXACT hat here: http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/lomond/
March 30, 2012


Sarah Millican in her 'Iona' Zaini beanie hat on the catwalk!

Sarah Millican sporting her Zaini beanie hat in her new TV show on BBC 2.

Sarah is one of the funniest women in the UK and has just launched her new TV show in which she sports a Zaini beanie along with a onesie!



Looking fabulous Sarah....! Get Sarah's exact hat here: http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/iona/
March 22, 2012


Zaini welcome Squash Falconer as one of our sponsors....

Squash Falconer explains of her recent collaboration with Zaini ski hats

A couple of years ago I was at the London Ski Show and my sister appeared with a fantastic beanie. She had just purchased it from a girl who was standing at the show with her own brand of hand-made beanie hats.

It was a Zaini hat. In the months following, particularly when I was in the Alps, I saw a lot more of these bright and colourful beanies.. Then last year at the Ski Show I went to visit the much larger Zaini stand and was really pleased to meet Miranda Harper – the woman behind the beanie! I love stories like this. Miranda through hard work, commitment, passion and determination created her own successful business. She went for it and now look at where she is. I also love that it was her Grandma who taught her to crochet hats in the first place and who was there to help when the orders came flying in. A Zaini beanie became my hat of choice and now to my delight I am working with Miranda and her hats will be joining me, not only on my future adventures, but also regularly on my head day to day … because they’re really cool and I love wearing them!

We welcome Squash on board and are very excited about supporting all her amazing adventures. Squash has not only climbed Mount Everest but also paraglided off Mount Blanc and is the worlds highest ever bum boarder!
March 13, 2012


JLS launch their upcoming UK tour in their Zaini beanie hats...

 So on Monday the Zaini hats team all went to meet JLS for a quick photoshoot with their favourite beanie hats.

They loved them so much the first time we sent some across, they invited us to their studio to get some more photos of them in their Zaini beanies. Aston, Marvin, JB and Ortise were all loving the Zaini style alongside there questionable adult baby grows (!).....



The JLS boys were rehearsing for their upcoming UK tour and took to the stage in their Zaini hats alongside there wonderful backing dancers:
Get the 'JLS' look here : www.zaini.com/products-page/  and browse our full range of products.  We wish the boys the best with their tour - it sure looks pretty good in rehearsals....!
February 28, 2012


Louis Tomlinson looking great in his 'Lomond' Zaini....

Louis, from One Direction, spotted wearing his Zaini knitted hat out and about....


After the One Direction boys won their first Brit award earlier this month its been non-stop for them, but we are glad to see Louis celebrating in his favourite beanie hat, Lomond.


Congrats boys and make if you want to get the 'Louis Tomlinson' look then check out our shop here: www.zaini.com/products-page/ and get Louis's EXACT hat here: http://www.zaini.com/products-page/hats/lomond/
January 24, 2012


Sadie Frost blogs about her Zaini hats....

Sadie Frost shows her appreciation for Zaini hats in her blog in this months Harper Bazaar magazine.

Sadie States:  'I also love www.zaini.com, they have some brightly coloured stripy woollen hats – they are great for presents and superb for yourself!'


Read the full article here: Sadie Front blogs about Zaini beanie hats

January 16, 2012


Team Evolution's testimonial on Zaini...

Zaini proudly sponsor Team Evolution this season and here's what they have to say about us and our beanie hats:


This season for Team Evolution has been a warm one for us despite it currently being -20 on the pistes for our first run in the mornings. It’s all thanks to Zaini hats for supplying us with some rather cool hats for us to wear whilst doing what we do best, skiing fast! Our personalized Scarba hats and Seal headbands really do turn heads and have become an essential piece of kit for all Team Evolution athletes.Zaini is all about adding individuality, fun and colour to the lives of those wearing Zaini.
We at Team Evolution certainly never stop having fun! Yannick Green, Communications Director of Team Evolution has said, “Our minis to high flying juniors and coaching staff have commented on how well made the hats are, comfort and warmth of the products. Whether they be the hats or the headbands Zaini products are the headwear of choice by Team Evolution athletes.”Team Evolution works as part of a structured, professional Alpine Academy programme, whilst providing educational support and personal development.
The Team Evolution setup supplies unique and flexible annual training programmes to committed athletes, running individual programmes for mini's, children and junior racers. All programmes are individually designed to fit the needs of the athlete, and are based upon the Team Evolution philosophies, with proven results. Dependent on the goals of the trainee, execution of these programmes can vary from a minimum 10 week period, to supporting and mentoring athletes on a full-time basis over the course of several years.
Its no surprise that some of our athletes for the 2011/12 season are members of National Team programmes, and all are on the performance pathway towards achieving their specific athletic goals, whilst maintaining exceptional educational grades.
In a sport such as Alpine Skiing, which is just as mentally tough as physically demanding Zaini hats offer the comfort for Team Evolution when out and about and we are ever grateful to be wearing the hats and headbands this year!



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hatsbeanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hatsbeanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hatsbeanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Team Evolution train some of the best young snow-sports competitors in the world, above we can see Max Baggio, Max Moss and Darcie Mead who are all names to watch out for. The have a handful of elite children and mini's who are all rising stars swell and we are super proud to support and sponsor the team. Full details on Team Evolution can be seen on their website: www.teamevolution.eu.

January 13, 2012


Henry Conway pick up on the growing Zaini fashion in his column this month...

Henry Conway, a fashion writer, writes about Zaini beanie hats in his column this month:

'All I need now is a fleece-lined hand knitted cult bobble hat from Zaini, the Brainchild of a Scottish ski instructor. I could have done with one at the opening of Winter Wonderland…! No wardrobe should be without one….'



beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

January 07, 2012


Zaini features in the Guardian as one of the 'Best Bobble Hats' around....

 Best Bobble Hats!

Zaini's 'Raasay' hat design was featured in the Guardian this month as one of the best bobble hats around! Image below and full article link at bottom of page.


beanie hats, ski hats, knitted hats, snow hats

Full article here: The Guardian

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